Home in Heaven Empty-Handed

“…What does it profit you to gain the world while you destroy and lose yourself…” (Luke 9:25)

The mall is a wonderful place to draw lessons from about life…

especially when there’s a “sale”.

Sometime ago, when I was just a boy, my family made the mistake of going to a mall at a time when it was conducting a grand “sale” of different items. Naturally, the mall was filled with people, a crowd beyond the regular size. Just like any child, I was thrilled to be in a mall so I did the most common sensical thing: tried convincing my parents to buy me every toy I saw (Well, almost every toy. I didn’t want no Barbie Dolls.) But to my surprise, my parents refused and simply convinced me to stay close to them as we tried to ease our way out of the crowd.

You see, the goal of my parents was simple: to get me home safe and sound. They didn’t want to indulge my desire to buy a toy at the risk of losing me in the crowd. They would rather see me home empty-handed than lose me with a toy in hand.

Same thing with our heavenly Dad.

Sometimes, God will not indulge our deepest and most sincere prayers in this lifetime if it would mean losing us forever. Maybe that’s why that promotion hasn’t come yet. Or that dream car seems elusive. Or that lifetime partner is still nowhere in sight. Perhaps God knows something we don’t. Maybe our hearts are not ready for what we pray for. Or our souls will be at risk if that prayer is answered. Or our relationships will suffer, or our faith compromised.

Rick Warren, author of the book “Purpose Driven Life” once said: God is after our character, more than our comfort.

The gospel today amplifies the same thing:

“…What does it profit you to gain the world while you destroy and lose yourself…” (Luke 9:25)

Indeed, home in heaven empty-handed is much better than lost forever with a toy in hand.

Stay blessed!



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