The Doorway of God’s Grace

“…You will be called the breach-mender, and the Restorer of ruined houses…” (Isaiah 59:12)

Months prior to the birth of my son, Franco, there were numerous speculations. Some people would approach me and say “Franco will most likely be a basketball player because you were a basketball player”. Or “I bet Franco will be a preacher because you are a preacher.” Or “Most likely Franco will be handsome because…well…ahhh…you are a preacher.”

Whether we like it or not, there are things we inherit from the generation ahead of us. Our physical looks. Our mental abilities. Our emotional make-up. Even our interests and ambitions. But the sad thing is this: we can also inherit all the negativity that runs through our family line.

Some families have traces of indescretion and immorality running through the veins of every family member.

Some bad temper. Others of failure. Others of some kind of addiction.

Look at your family line. Somehow you may be able to detect a pattern of negativity — some weakness, addiction, self-worth concerns, wrong mindsets —- that is common to every generation in your family.

But here is the good news: There is a way to break that pattern!

Our God detests seeing His children enslaved by some form of bondage. His heart bleeds whenever he sees innocent children continually victimized by Satan’s  victory in earlier generations. God’s goal is clear: to set us free!

And His strategy is clearer: Usually, he takes one person from a clan, and uses that person as a doorway for his blessing, freedom and healing to enter the family bloodline.

That was the same thing God did with us through Jesus.

Through one man, salvation entered the human race. Through one man, restoration of the fallen nature began. Through one man, we were all made right with God.

Could it be possible that God wants you to be that “doorway” for your family?

The 1st reading today promises:

“…You will be called the breach-mender, and the Restorer of ruined houses…” (Isaiah 59:12)

My friend, it may be no accident that you are the only one in your family active in church, or attending that bible study group, or reading your bible regularly, or inclined towards spiritual things. Maybe you are the “breach-mender” or “restorer” that God is looking for.

Do you want to be a “doorway” of God’s grace for your family?

Begin this lent. Open your heart even more to God. Commit to that church, community, parish or prayer group. Be an active Christian. Pray hard and live righteously.

Before you know it, you will see the breach in your family mended and your ruined house restored.

Who knows, you may be that “doorway” that God is looking for!



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