Good Friday Reflection: The Cross is a Positive

“…It is finished…” (John 19:30)

Your thunderous laughter echoed through the halls of hell that late afternoon.

It was heard the moment the last nail was driven. Or when the last sigh was made. Or when the last prayer was uttered. Or when the last tear was shed.

You really thought you won, did you? You honestly believed that you were the victor, eh? You sincerely jumped for joy thinking you finally beat your enemy, right?

Well, now you know your folly.  Now you know how big a mistake that was. You took the bait. You fell into the trap. You made the biggest booboo in the history of the world.

When He said, “It is finished“, you misunderstood it to mean that he was referring to His suffering. Little did you know that He was actually referring to you. That your reign of sin and death is, in fact, over. That your dominion over human souls is finally done. That your era of power has, in reality, drawn to a close.

See what His death has accomplished…

Souls, like mine, have been saved. Sins, like mine, have been cancelled. Burdens, like mine, have been lifted up.  Because of His sacrifice, we can now live in freedom and victory.

Go ahead, Satan. Laugh all you want. The joke is on you. Have you ever wondered why we little humans now have the power to say no to your enticements? Or be at peace in the midst of our worries? Or be victorious in the midst of our struggles? Or remain faithful despite our pains?

Look to the cross. You can find your answer there. For on that fateful day, that afternoon in Calvary, the meaning of the cross changed. From a symbol of death, to a symbol of life. From a symbol of shame to a symbol of salvation. From a symbol of hatred to a symbol of hope.

Have you ever wondered why the plus sign (+) is shaped the way it is?

Jesus’ death on that first Good Friday changed entirely the meaning of the cross.

The cross is now a positive!

And no one, not even you, Satan, can do anything more about it!


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