Black Saturday Reflection: The Transformative Power of Easter

“…then he went home amazed at what had happened…” (Luke 24:12)

“Amazed”…like when you see a magician perform a magic trick?

“Amazed”…like when you witness a tightrope act in a circus show?

“Amazed”…like when you watch a well-made sci-fi movie?

I don’t feel so comfortable with that word “amazed” especially when used in the context of our reading today. But that was Peter’s reaction to the sight of an empty tomb. He was not inspired. Or challenged. Or even encouraged. Just amazed.

How could Peter’s reaction be so lame? He just witnessed the greatest event in history of the world and his only reaction was only one of amazement. But lest we be quick to judge Peter, let us look at ourselves…

Could it be possible that sometimes we also respond that way to the story of Easter? We marvel at the story of Jesus rising from the dead. We cheer for Him. We applaud for Him. We exclaim joyfully the “alleluia”.

But that’s about it.

When Monday comes, we revert to our newspapers, office deadlines, changing diapers and election issues. Pretty soon, our memories of Easter are simply that of Easter eggs and bunnies. Really, I guess we are no different from Peter.

This is sad. You see, Easter is not about simply being amazed. It is about being transformed. It is about being changed from within.  It is about having a total make over from inside out.

Today, I challenge you to make this Easter Season truly different. Embrace its full power. Reckon its full impact. It isn’t enough that we are amazed by Jesus rising from the grave. It is important that we are transformed by it.

Get rid of wrong mindsets.

Let go of negative thoughts.

Turn away from bad habits.

Start making new good ones.

Believe in God’s ability to make your dreams come true.

Rely on God’s capability to fulfill them for you.

Enough of mediocrity.

Raise the bar.

Have more faith. More discipline. More courage.

God isn’t impressed with amazement. He wants to see transformation.

And just like Peter who was eventually transformed by the power of Easter, may we, too, use the reality of the empty tomb to do great things with our lives.

More than amazing indeed!

Bobby Q.


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