Easter Sunday Reflection: The Miracle Still Happens Today

“…he saw and believed…” (John 20:8) 

On this day four years ago, we lost our dear Dominique.

He or she was only a few months old inside Jeng’s womb when Jeng suffered a miscarriage. It was the most difficult moment in our young married life. We cried. We grieved. We questioned. The tears took some time to dry up. In fact, the pain was too much that we never thought that the tears would.

Nights were long. Days were short. Our sighs accompanied us everywhere we went. The burden of regret weighed heavily on our backs. Questions lingered and remained unanswered for months, even years. 

Today, we remember Dominique. But not for the pain of his/her lost. But for the joy of his/her gain. Yes, we believe he/she has gained the promise of Easter — resurrection with Jesus, a promise we all long to be fulfilled in our own lives.

Bad news: For many of us, it will still be years before we receive the complete fulfillment of this promise.

Good news: We can all have a glimpse of resurrection power now in this lifetime.

Take it from me. I know. As a lay preacher, I have witnessed its power. Just like John in today’s gospel, I “saw and believed” (John 20:8). Tell me…

…Isn’t there resurrection power when a former drug addict turns over his life to Jesus and becomes a missionary?

… Isn’t there resurrection power when a couple grieving over the lost of their only son through SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) can still smile and praise God?

…Isn’t there resurrection power when a young, timid woman is able to spearhead a spiritual revolution in her office?

…Isn’t there resurrection power when a young mother graciously and joyfully handles her excruciating chemotherapy sessions?

…Isn’t there resurrection power when young people choose to live for Jesus and say no to the enticements of the world?

Yes, Christ’s resurrection still happens day after day. We just need to open our spiritual eyes and be sensitive to the different manifestations of its power.

My friend, I invite you to tap on to the power of the resurrection today. The empty tomb wasn’t just an event which happened years ago. It is a miracle that is repeated today, day after day. Look around you. Feel its thunder. It is real. It is available. It is here for you.

Be freed of that bad habit. Restore that broken relationship. Heal that painful memory. Rise above your insecurities. Step beyond your comfort zone. Achieve that dream. Change. Choose. Challenge.

Yes, the miracle still happens today.

Surely, our dear Dominique will attest to this!

A victorious Easter to us all!

Bobby Q.


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