He Can Beat Them All!: An Easter Message

                     They all felt its power…


            …the young drug-addicted teen-ager on the brink of suicide

            …the angry father who lost his family to a tragedy

            …the bankrupt businessman with a pile of rising debts

            …the cancer-stricken young mother of five

            …the grieving parents missing their child who tragically passed away

            …the burnt-out missionary who can no longer seem to see the significance of what he does

            …the inexperienced politician whose only impetus for running is his desire to see change

            …the innocent man behind bars.




            …that what is barren can be thriving with life

            …that what is empty will soon be filled

            …that what is painful will soon pass away

            …that with every door that closes a bigger window is opened

            …that with every tear follows a smile

            …that with every failure comes the opportunity to succeed

            …that in the midst of darkness, there can be light

            …that in the midst of pain, there can be joy

            …that for him who seems defeated, victory awaits

            …that with every Calvary Cross follows the Empty Tomb.


            Peter felt it when he saw the stone moved.

            The Emmaus-bound disciples felt it when their hearts were burning as He spoke.

            Thomas felt it as he dipped his finger on His side.

            Paul felt it as he fell from his horse on the road to Damascus.

            John felt it with every revelation he saw on the island of Patmos.

            Francis felt it when he gave everything away to embrace poverty.

            Kolbe felt it when he volunteered to face the firing squad.

            Karol felt it when he was asked to be Pope.

            Teresa felt it everytime she kissed a leper.


            Today, I am feeling it too.


            Everytime I pray with my wife and children.

            Everytime I sit down in front of my computer to write an inspirational book.

            Everytime I stand to preach before every crowd day after day.

            Everytime I choose to remain a missionary despite the temptation to pursue a more lucrative career.

            Everytime I choose to love even if it hurts.

            Everytime I choose to sacrifice even if it seems not worth it.

            Evertime I choose to give even without receiving anything in return.

            Everytime I choose to have faith in the midst of the most difficult times.


            And you?


            You may have felt it too…


            When you almost gave up on that dream.

            When you endured that pain.

            When you overcame that addiction.

            When you bounced back from that failure.

            When you held on despite all the reasons to let go.


            If you have yet to feel it, then I invite you to open your heart this Easter season. It is there. Available. Abundant. Amazing.


            It’s the power of the resurrection. It’s the power of Easter. It’s the power of hope.


            That if Jesus defeated death, there is nothing else He cannot defeat.


            Not that addiction.

            Not that depression.

            Not that frustration.

            Not that pain.

            Not that insecurity.

            Not that anxiety.

            Not that weakness.

            Not that bad habit.

            Not that wrong mindset.

            Not that resentment.

            Not cancer.

            Not parkinsons.

            Not AIDS.

            Not Satan.

            Not death.

            Nothing else.


            The power of the Empty Tomb is but a word — Hope.


            Hope in the face of all your challenges combined.


            It’s that unshakable assurance within that exclaims this timeless truth: If Jesus has beaten death, He can beat them all…for you!




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