I go for Alex Lacson

“…because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you…” (John 15:19)

There will be many who deserve to win in this Monday’s election but who may not. One of them is Atty. Alexander Lacson, a good friend, senatorial candidate under the Liberal Party.

The first time I met Alex was when we were both guest speakers in an event for the scholars of Metrobank Foundation. From that day onwards, my liking and admiration for this man began to grow. What struck me most about Alex was not his exceptional writing ability. Nor his inspiring public speaking skills. Not even his obvious patriotism. Towering above all these is one trait that sets the man apart from many successful people I know: Humility.

Here was a man who, despite his many skills and abilities, remained rooted in his values. Not one to brag about his achievements, Alex quietly works to make his beloved country a better place.

Alex and I share the same passion: to see transformation in the Philippine society. We both do it the same way. We do it with our mouths and with our pens. And now, as he has embarked on a journey in an arena I dare not tread, Alex has taken the fight a step further. He now seeks to transform, not only the minds and hearts of his countrymen, but also the very structure which impedes and obstructs the desired transformation that he envisions for his beloved nation.

I texted Alex some weeks back at the start of his campaign to encourage him. His reply was classic Alex: Bro, pray for me in this journey that I have chosen.

Yes, I pray for Alex. For when one decides to go against the tide, the tide will threaten to swallow him. People will hate him for what he stands for. His integrity. His passion. His honesty. His closeness to God. The words of scripture today is strikingly relevant:

“…because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you…” (John 15:19)

Yes, there will be many who deserve to win in this Monday’s election but who may not…not unless we do something about it.

And so I call on all Filipino readers of this blog. Those who believe in having moral leaders take on the helm of this country. Those who believe in the importance of both competence and character in a public servant. Those who believe in the true essence of selfless service and genuine servanthood.

I call on all of you now to vote only for those candidates who truly deserve your precious votes. Give your trust to those who sincerely want change. Those who are honest. Those who are competent. Those who are humble. Those whose lives, more than their mouths, speak of the changes they envision. 

And through your precious vote, the deserving, in the eyes of God, shall surely win.

Bracing myself for real transformation this Monday,

Bobby Q.


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