A Litany of Blessings

“…The mighty one has done great things for me…” (Luke 1:49)

I smiled and I sighed.

I couldn’t help doing so as I watched my kids frolicked in the cool waters of Caylabne Resort in Cavite a few days ago during our annual family vacation. Their eyes glistened with joy while my eyes moistened with gratitude. And as they immersed themselves in childhood play, I in turn, immersed myself in deep prayer.

“God,” I said “I am profoundly grateful for everything. You have indeed filled my cup to overflowing. You have given me a beautiful family. A loving wife. Healthy children. A supportive Christian community. A thriving preaching ministry. Wonderful Christian brethren. Loving friends. Food, clothing, shelter. And most of all, ongoing daily mercy for all my faults.”

And as I went on with my litany of undeserved blessings, I found myself joining Mother Mary in her “Magnificat” when she sang:

“…The mighty one has done great things for me…” (Luke 1:49)

Don’t get me wrong. My life isn’t perfect. But I have to admit, it is undoubtedly blessed.

No, my health isn’t perfect. I suffer from occasional vertigo when stressed. My cholesterol count is also not very promising. I have a bad knee and I snore when I sleep. But God has made everything bearable for me (and for my wife as she has to put up with my snoring!) to carry on with my mission and enjoy life in the process.

I am not yet considered successful in my career, both as a lawyer and as a preacher. But God has made it clear to me with occasional reminders that I am on the right path. And the reminders have come in different forms…a young lawyer approaching me with gratitude for the “life-changing” seminar I just gave…a text message telling me how my preaching has transformed a person’s perspective of his life…an email thanking me for saving the desperate life of another person through my books.  With my puny efforts, God has indeed produced colossal results. 

I am not rich. I still have bills to pay and obligations to meet. But I have more than enough of what my family needs. Take that family vacation last week, for example. Considering my not-so-spectacular monthly income, who could imagine a preacher’s family of five taking on a three-day family vacation free of charge in plush Caylabne Resort? 

Having said all these, the more I feel humbled by the overwhelming love of my God for me. I am a sinner saved. I am a convict acquitted. I am a pauper blessed.

Indeed, the Mighty One has done great things for me!

Bobby Q.


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