Job’s Formula

“…Then Job arose, and rent his robe, and shaved his head, and fell upon the ground, and worshiped…” (Job 1:20)

We often hear people ask, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”.

My friend the other day exemplified this query when he shared with me what happened to his dad. His dad was a good man, feared the Lord and treated everyone around him fairly. And yet, he died of cancer. While his friend, a man who lived a hedonistic lifestyle peppered with lavish and abusive living, continues to live healthily today.

Again, the question: Why do bad things happen to good people?

Perhaps as you read this blog, you are reminded of your own query. You may have asked this question yourself.

…when your loving sister passed away in that violent accident.

…or when your righteous neighbor who lost everything to a bad business deal.

…or when your God-fearing friend lost his job.

My wife, Jeng, gives us a glimpse of the answer to this question. Whenever she hears of a tragic incident involving a good person, her knee-jerk response is a classic: “God,” she’d say “must really trust that person. God knows that person will hold on to Him no matter what.”

The story of the three lepers comes to mind…

There were three lepers living in a small hut in a far away mountain, completely isolated from civilization. Leper Johnny was a holy man. Leper Anthony was a lukewarm Christian. Leper Stanley was evil. When the three of them got sick of leprosy, all three of them became prayerful. Everyday, they prayed for healing.

One day, Stanley woke up and was surprised to find out that he was completely healed. Two months later, Anthony was also healed. This incident baffled Anthony which led him to ask God in his prayers, “Lord, Stanley is the most evil among us and yet you healed him first while Johnny, who worships you day and night remains sick until today. Why, Lord?”

God replied, “You see, Stanley is now on his way to going back to me. If I allow him to remain sick for one more day, he would have lost what little faith he has and go back to his worldly ways. If I allowed you to be sick for another day, you would have given up on me and deserted the faith. But look at Johnny, my dear Johnny. I am confident that his love for me will never change regardless if I heal him or not. You see, Johnny’s faith is based, not on what I give him, but on who I am in His life. I am His friend, and he is mine.”

Just like Job, in today’s reading. Despite everything that happened to him, his response was incredibly awesome.

“…Then Job arose, and rent his robe, and shaved his head, and fell upon the ground, and worshiped…” (Job 1:20)

Despite everything that happened to him, Job worshiped God. Such love. Such loyalty. Such fidelity.

How about you, dear reader? How do you respond when God allows difficulties to come your way? Do you waiver in your faith? Do you falter in your convictions? Do you retract on your promises?

I challenge you today. When confronted with life’s adversities, try Job’s formula: Worship God even more.

Worship is the precursor to God’s deliverance. It tells God that you trust Him to get you out of whatever temporary mess you find yourself in. It signals to God that you have faith in His power to carry you through. It affirms your conviction in God’s ability to make things right again in His own time.

If you read on Job’s story, you will see how God rewarded Job, his friend. Now think of this. If He did it for Job, surely, He can do it for you.

Trust the Lord and worship Him today!

In Jesus’ love,