When God Applauds

“…For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty put in all the living that she had…” (Luke 21:4)

Someone once said that generosity is not how much you give away but how much is left with you.

I thought of that truth today…

…When I dressed up my kids for school;

…When I prayed over my baby boy just before I left the house;

…When I drove my wife to work;

…When I said my morning prayers;

I will think of that truth today…

…When I stand before engineers of DPWH to speak to them about moral values in the workplace;

…When I resume writing the next chapter of my forthcoming book;

…When I sit down to plan my week ahead;

…When I prepare for my speaking engagements this week.

My inspiration is  today’s gospel where Jesus most likely gave a standing ovation for the widow who gave away her two copper coins, not because she gave much, but because she gave all.

I pray you take inspiration from this also as you go about your activities today. God applauds, not when you give much, but when you give all. For Him, it doesn’t matter if you have so litle to offer for as long as you offer to Him all of the little that you have.

Give your all to your family. Give your best in your job. Give your full attention to that officemate who needs a listening ear. Give your maximum effort in resisting that temptation. Give your total dedication to that service you agreed to perform.

Give your all to God.

And everytime you do. Try to listen closely. Hear that? There is celebration from above when God applauds.

Stay blessed today!