What is your response to the Cross?

            What is your response to the cross of Christ?

            For some, a long weekend out in the beaches…

            What is your response to the cross of Christ?

            For others, a time to catch up on their favorite movies on HBO…

            What is your response to the cross of Christ?

            For many, a time to surf the net and update their Facebook page…

            Sad but true. Sometimes, our response this Holy Week to the greatest act of love from God in the history of the entire human race can be, quite shamefully, inappropriate.

            When you talk of pathetic responses, I am definitely not an exception.

            I look at my life and I see an anemic response to God’s outburst of love. Sure, I preach. Certainly, I serve. Admittedly, I sacrifice. But I also complain a lot. And I criticize others. And I entertain negative thoughts. I am quick to judge and slow to forgive. My reputation is near the cross, but my heart can sometimes be so far from it.

            As I write this, memories of disgraceful acts of sin flood my mind. I cringe in shame as I recall the times I gave in to Satan’s deceptions. I wince in humiliation as I relive those moments when I believed the enemy’s lies. I grimace with embarrassment as I call to mind those instances of human weakness and folly.

            Is this how I respond to the cross of Christ?

            But then a phrase in the passion account of the Gospel of Luke detonates to shatter my indignity and overcome my disgrace:

            “…Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do’…” (Luke 23:34)

            This is Jesus, in his most difficult hour, trying to understand us.  

            Really, Christ’s love for you and me shone the brightest on that first Good Friday when he hung upon that cross…when he had given all…when he had exhausted everything…when pain was at its highest peak…and strength was at its lowest dip.  

            Jesus still managed to muster the strength to justify you and me before the Father.

            Yes, friend. He understands that time when you lost your temper. He understands that instance when you uttered that lie. He understands that occasion when you gave in to that drink or that puff or that thought. He who sees everything you did and everything you are, tells you today — “I understand, child. Really, I do”.

            Such is the power of the message of the cross.

            It is a message of love, not condemnation; a message of hope, not despair; a message of honor, not shame; a message of life, not death.

            So trudge your way to the foot of the cross today. Lay before Him that guilt that has been weighing you down. Place beneath his feet that long-standing resentment.  Release to his hold that overburdening regret. Offer to Him all that you did, and all that you are.

            Then hear the pounding of the nails.

           Jesus nails them with Him on the cross… just for you.


4 thoughts on “What is your response to the Cross?

  1. bro, that was a very touching and inspiring reflection. makes me feel that I am unworthy of His love but at the same time blessed of that unconditional love. may you and your family be blessed even more!

  2. talagang MAHAL tayo ng Diyos. hanggang sa huling hininga niya.
    panalangin kong laging nasa Liwanag ni Kristo habang panahon


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