Heaven Bound

              Someone once said: “The moment you were born, you were getting ready to die.”

            Sad. Discouraging. Morbid. But it can be undeniably true.

            All life on earth ends in death, including yours and mine.

            So why work hard? Why serve? Why try to live a good life? Why struggle to make that marriage work? Why attempt to be faithful to that commitment?

            Because of Easter.

            Easter reminds us that death isn’t the end but simply the beginning of a better life. Easter assures us that our effort to live a good life is not in vain because a reward waits beyond the grave. Easter encourages us to keep on believing despite the gloom and the uncertainty because we shall surely be compensated.

            Easter is the foundation of everything that we do. Easter is the anchor of all that we are. Our faith stands and falls by it. We sink or swim depending on the reality of the resurrection. Easter gives meaning to our sacrifices, and justifies our follies. It validates our faith and confirms our hope.

            For every serious Christian, Easter is what makes life worth living.

            When Jesus walked out of his grave on that first Easter Sunday, Jesus knew what He was doing. He wasn’t just after staging a sensational event to impress His countrymen. He wasn’t just after making a strong statement against the Sanhedrin. Perhaps He wasn’t even trying to embarrass the Roman government. He did it for something more. Something more significant. Something more relevant. Something closer to home.

            He did it for you and me.

            To give us hope in light of our despair; to give us courage in the face of our fears; to give us strength in the midst of our weaknesses.

            Jesus did what He did to remind us that this world, good with all its beauty or bad with all its challenges, whichever case may be, isn’t all there is to it.

            Yes, my friend. There is life beyond the grave. And Easter simply reminds us that death is not a dead end but a doorway. Not a destination but a departure. Not a final stop but a launching pad.

            So the moment death knocks on your door, call to mind the message of Easter. Gladly receive your ticket and eagerly await your flight.

            Jesus never gambled on your salvation.

                 You are surely heaven bound!



2 thoughts on “Heaven Bound

  1. Easter allows us to look way beyond this life – a life living eternally with our Father with all the love, happiness and serenity that this earthly life can’t give. And it is also through Easter that we can truly get hold of this life.

    Thanks, Bobby, for such a wonderful reflection about Easter!

    Hear from you this Sunday!

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