Will God please explain?

We often ask “why”, don’t we?

When tragedies befell us, or when challenges come our way, or when our prayers aren’t answered, we usually try to corner God, put him on the stand, and cross-examine him.

I am reminded him of that person who, when tragedy struck him, asked God, “Why, Lord?” And God answered him, “Why not?” To which he retorted, “Yes, but why me, Lord?” And the Lord answered, “Who should it be then?”

Sometimes, we have this sense of entitlement that God owes us an explanation for the things that happen in our lives. And yes, sometimes God does oblige us with an explanation. And when He does, we walk away all puffed up and proud that we were able to elicit a satisfactory explanation from the Almighty.

But what if God doesn’t explain?

I am reminded of one person I know who has given up so many things to follow God only to end up destitute. Or that person who tries to live a good life and yet is now dying of cancer. Or that diligent worker who can’t seem to get a job. Or that God-fearing woman who was left by her husband for a younger woman.

How do you make sense of those?

You know what, sometimes you just can’t. And when no explanation is given, do you give up on God? Do you walk away from Him and from the life He called you to live.

My friend, I believe faith does not demand an explanation. It just trusts that there is one.

The explanation might come in this lifetime or it may come in the next. It doesn’t matter. The faithful person simply believes that there is an explanation but God need not explain. Whether God explains or not is not an issue. The faithful person trusts in God’s goodness and wisdom that he contents himself with the knowledge that God knows what He is doing.

He trusts. He believes. And he is more than convinced that explanations will surely come…but in God’s own time.

Trusting God through and through,