Choose Faith

One of the greatest lies in the world today is this: You can control your life.

The sad reality is this: You can’t. Life is simply too big for you.

Sad to say, despite the many advances in technology, economics and science, much of life is still beyond our grasp.

The war in Libya is beyond your control.

The upswing and downswing of the economy is beyond your control.

The activation or deactivation of cancer cells in your body is beyond your control.

The mood swings of your boss is also beyond your control.

We hate to admit it but it’s true: Life is simply too big for us. But you know what, while much of life is beyond your control, your response to life is not.

You have the power to choose your responses.

For instance…

You can either sulk or sing.

You can either step out or step up.

You can either give up or give hope.

You can either rebel or rejoice.

You can either let go or let God.

It’s your choice.

You may not have control over what life hurls at you. But so what? You don’t have to.

What matters is not what life does to you but how you respond to what life does to you.

Daily, when confronted with different situations, we can either choose fear or choose faith.

When we respond in fear, we worry. When we respond in faith, we experience peace. To have peace of mind is, therefore, a choice — a choice to have faith.

Life can rob you of your health, or your money, or your relationships. But remember this, life should not rob you of your peace of mind.

Hence, choose faith.

And let the “peace of God which surpasses all understanding guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7)

Rest in God’s peace today!