By Chance or By Choice

As you read this, some things are changing in and around you. And try if you must, but you cannot stop it. Change is definitely inevitable. Time moves. The economy fluctuates. You age. Whether you admit it or not, your life is changing with every single passing second.

While change is beyond your control, your response to it is not. Some people simply change by chance. Others change by choice.

Changing by chance is simply called transition.

Changing by choice is better known as growth.

Changing by chance is for victims.

Changing by choice is for victors.

Losers are victims of change. They aimlessly drift with it. Change itself determines how they will change. Talk about a man who loses his job. He sulks. He whines. He gets angry with life. And one day he finds himself desperately clinging on to a life that has surreptitiously left him behind.

Winners, on the other hand, are visionaries of change. Change does not victimize them. In fact, they choose to utilize change to grow. They see changing not simply as a shift from one situation to another but rather as an opportunity to grow.

In the Old Testament, when Joseph son of Jacob  was sold by his brothers as a slave to Egyptian traders, he could have simply allowed this sudden turn of events in his life to victimize him. But not Joseph. He was a winner. He made use of this unfortunate event to grow in his abilities, in his character and in his faith. And in the end, he grew to become the highest official in Egypt, next only to Pharaoh.

What happened to Joseph similarly happens to us too.

Teenagers sent off to study for the first time in a distant land away from their families experienced what I am talking about. Widows and widowers are familiar with this.  The man surprised by the news of  a malignant tumor found in his brain knows what I mean.

But unfortunately, not all of us respond the way Joseph did. We helplessly allow change to shape our lives and determine our future.

Today, I challenge you to use changes in your life to grow. Don’t waste life’s transitions. Grab changing times by the horns and learn from them. Be wiser. Be stronger. Be better.

Change by choice.

I remain, in Christ,



2 thoughts on “By Chance or By Choice

  1. thanks bro. bobby for touching on the topic of change. true, either we would be reactive or proactive about it.

    successful people are those who are highly change agile.

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