The taxi driver took an unexpected turn. He was obviously taking a different route from the one I usually take when I am driving.

I politely inquired, “Manong, mukhang mali yata yung daan natin.”

He gave me a toothless grin and replied, “Mas ok itong daan na ito, sir.”

I wanted to protest but decided against it. I decided to just trust this driver that he knows where he was going. In less than ten minutes, I was amazed to see us emerge in the main highway. I was pleasantly surprised. We got to where we wanted to go more or less 20 minutes earlier than usual.

I uttered, “Galing, manong. Bilis natin ah.”

He smiled, “Sabi sa ‘yo, sir. Shortcut yun e.”

Sometimes, in life, we also find a lot of detours — when things don’t turn out the way we planned them to.

For instance, you may have been planning for a nice retirement when the company you’ve been working in for almost 40 years decided to terminate you on trumped up charges of misconduct. Or you may be expecting your daughter to finally graduate from college when she broke the news to you: she was unexpectedly pregnant with no idea who the father is. Or you may be getting ready for marriage when your fiancee was suddenly diagnosed to have cancer.

Life’s detours, we call them. Also known as “plan breakers”. Might as well call them “back breakers” because they give no warning and break your spirits. They take you off the main highway, and outside of your expected route. They push you out of your routine and force you to re-calculate your figures. They move you back to the drawing board and re-chart your course.

But are life’s detours really that bad?

For men and women whose lives are in God’s hands, life’s detours are ways by which God re-directs us to the right path. Sure, they disrupt your plans. But the fact that God allowed them could only mean one thing: God has a better route for you!

So much like the incident with the taxi driver who took a different route from the one I usually take. Had I not trusted him, I would have insisted that we take my usual route. Good thing I decided to shut my mouth and let him do the driving because, obviously, he knew a better way!

We can say the same thing of God. God is motivated by pure love. And when he allows life’s detours to come upon you, it means that He knows a better way for you towards His wonderful plans for your life. The bible says:

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

When we surrender life’s detours in God’s hands, we can be assured that God will use them to get us back on track.

So the next time you are hit with life’s detours, try to trust Him. He surely knows the way!

I remain,

Bobby Q.


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