Being Rich before God

“…This is the lot of those who pile up riches instead of becoming rich before God.” (Luke 12:21)

            I read today’s Gospel in the 12th chapter of Luke about being rich before God, and it got me thinking: What does it really mean to be rich before God?

            Allow me to share with you some of my thoughts on how one can be rich before God…

  1. W – ork for God

People have this notion that only priests, nuns, pastors and missionaries are working for God. The truth of the matter is this: each person, whether holding a religious or a secular job, can work for God. You may be a streetsweeper living in the slums of Payatas or a millionare residing in the mansions ofForbesPark, it doesn’t matter. You see, working for God has nothing to do with your social status or job description but with your heart condition. This “heart condition” is called MOTIVE. You may be a doctor, or a businessman, or a teacher, or a security guard and you can be working for God, for as long as your motive in your daily grind is to honor and glorify God.

  1. E-vangelize.

God has a bias — for the last, the least, and the lost. He loves them. His heart scampers after them. He is busy each day trying to find them, and bless them and win them over. If we want to be rich before God, then we should share this burden with Him. St. Francis ofAssisionce said: “Preach at all times and when necessary, use words.” You need not be a preacher like me to evangelize. You just have to witness God’s love with your life and when the occasion presents itself, speak about it to whoever God sends your way.

  1. A – ccept who you are.

I know of people who wake up each day not liking the person they see in the mirror. Not liking yourself is an affront to God’s creativity. The Psalmist says that we have been “fearfully and wonderfully made by God”. God never makes mistakes. And He made you just the way you are. To be rich before God is to celebrate His creation — yes, including you! Accepting who you are does not mean, though, that you no longer strive to become better. Just like building a house…God gave you the materials that you need. Accept them with joy. Then start using them to build the best house that you can make. Do the same with your life.

  1. L – ive simply. 

Simplicity is bliss. It is the opposite of complicated. It is the reverse of convoluted. It is the exact converse of complex. A simple life is an uncluttered life, free from the non-essentials. Simplicity is being teary-eyed over a beautiful sunset. Simplicity is finding delight in a quiet evening with your spouse. Simplicity is exuding joy as you immerse yourself in daily prayer. Simplicity doesn’t mean not aspiring for great material things. On the contrary, simplicity is aiming for the stars but with feet firmly planted on the ground. Simplicity is finding fulfillment in the things that really matter most in life.

  1. T – rust God at all cost.

It is one thing to trust God. It is another thing to trust God AT ALL COST — when the diagnosis is bad; when the funds are depleted; when your teenager runs away from home; when the husband betrays; when your business fails… Being rich before God is holding on when everything within you says let go. Being rich before God is having faith when you have no more reason to. Being rich before God is believing, not in the certainty of deliverance, but in the faithfulness of the Deliverer.

  1. H – elp until it hurts. 

Helping others comes easy especially to practicing Christians. But helping until it hurts — when it is inconvenient, when it is costly, when it is beyond what is required —- that’s when one becomes truly a millionaire in the eyes of God.

            My friend, what do you think, are you truly WEALTHY in the eyes of God?


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