You eat your heart out with the best buffet in town. After a few hours, you are hungry again.

You go on a long vacation out of town. On your way back, you are already planning your next vacation.

You enter into a romantic relationship and try to nurture it for years only to wake up one day, heartbroken and pondering on how you can bounce back.

Yes, the world can fill a need for a while but only God can satisfy for a lifetime.

The Samaritan Woman at Jacob’s well knew that.

Zacchaeus will attest to it.

The rich young man learned his lesson.

And yours truly? Years ago, as a young man addicted to pornography, and was constantly drunk, I was familiar with the empty promises of the world. I knew how the world can lure you into its arms and then leave you eating the dust by its feet.I can still smell the stench of deception and feel the pain of broken dreams.

My friend, if you are restless, looking for purpose and longing for peace, why don’t you try Jesus?

He alone suffices. He alone satisfies.

Have blessed weekend!



As year 2012 unfolds, we also unfurl our plans. And many of our plans come from our dreams — buying a house, travel, setting up a business, making more profits etc. Yet how come, at year’s end, some of these dreams don’t come true?

The reason may be because many of these dreams are really just wishes, and not really those dreams that are planted by God in your heart, otherwise known as hopes.

In the bible, hope is more than just wishful thinking. It is confidence not on the dream itself, but in Him who fulfills the dream. In the letter to the Hebrews, it says: “Let us hold unswervingly to the HOPE we profess, for he who promised is faithful.” (Hebrews 10:23)

It is therefore important that we distinguish wishful thinking from a firm hope.

Wishful thinking comes solely from your desires.

Firm hope comes from God’s desires that are planted in your heart.

Wishful thinking seeks to satisfy the dreamer alone.

Firm hope seeks to satisfy even the dreams of others.

Wishful thinking is fueled by one’s quest for fulfillment.

Firm hope is fueled by one’s quest to fulfill God’s will.

Wishful thinking is pursued independent of God.

Firm hope is pursued together with God.

Wishful thinking usually has no plan of action.

Firm hope makes use of God’s plan of action.

Wishful thinking is left on the air.

Firm hope is engraved in the heart.

What are your dreams this year?

I suggest you take time to pray and seek the mind of God. Know His heart. Pursue His will. Make sure your dreams are not yours alone.

Because only those dreams that you share with God are truly worth pursuing.