Whenever I tell my children not to eat junk food because it is not good for them, they sometimes reply in chorus: “But we like it”.

            In a nutshell, that sums up the argument of modern-day relativists.

            What is relativism?

            When people are asked as to what could be man’s greatest sin today, perhaps the answers would be varied. Lust would definitely be mentioned. Greed perhaps. Even pride.

            But if you revisit the bible, you will realize that man’s first sin remains his greatest: RELATIVISM.

            In the garden of Eden, man decided he will determine his own standard of what was good and evil. By choosing to take a bite from the fruit hanging from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, man took it upon himself to become his own standard of morality. He chose to become his own measure of what is proper and improper. His desires validated his morality and say, “If this feels good, this cannot be bad.”

            That’s what so-called “modern-day” activists assert today against what they call the tyranny of the church. They boldly put their foot down and say “they’ve had enough!” The church, according to them, can no longer tell us what is right or wrong. The church cannot impose its morality upon us. The individual becomes the final determinant of what is morally acceptable and what is morally detestable. And their standard hinges only on one principle: If this feels and looks good, this could not be bad.”

            A lawmaker pushing for a controversial bill argues that if you can’t be good, then at least be careful.

            A couple engage in an extra-marital affair justifies this “convenient arrangement” all in the “name of love”.

            An artist paints a publicly offensive sketch hides behind the “freedom of expression” argument.

            Don’t get me wrong. I don’t claim to be sinless or claim the church to be blameless. I am a sinful human being and the church is composed of weak individuals. But we serve a sinless and blameless God whose morality is not dependent on our faults or shortcomings.

            He is Triune God. Loving. Merciful. Patient. But also terrifyingly Holy who desires nothing less than the sanctity of those whom we loves.

            I write this piece knowing that I endanger myself of getting the ire of my readers. But I don’t mind. My goal is clear. It is not to inspire but to instruct. Not to motivate but to convict. Not to make you feel good but to make you live well. Jesus didn’t always say what was popular. Because he never hesitated to say what was true.

            Yes, I am a motivational speaker. But today, I choose to wear my other hat: a preacher.

            I will say what needs to be said. Not because it’s popular. Not because it’s inspiring. Not because it makes people feel good. But because it’s the truth.

            And the bible says: “Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

            Live the truth, my friend, even if unpopular…and be truly free!

            I remain, in Christ,

            Bobby Q.


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