From God’s Eyes

When you gaze at the person you see in the mirror every morning, do you smile and rejoice? Or do you pout and get depressed?

Many people today do not like themselves. It could be the physical — hair too thin, lips too thick, nose too big. Or it could be the track record — too many failures, too many disappointments, too many wrong decisions. Or it could be the situation — still unmarried, still childless, still financially struggling after all these years.


There are many things in your life today that may not be perfect. But please consider. Have you ever tried looking at your life from God’s perspective?

Let me tell you what I mean…

Just today, my son Franco was so messy eating chocolate. Icings dripped from his chin. A beard-like chocolate formation circled his mouth. His shirt was murky. His hands were filthy.He came up to me with a big and naughty smile on his face. You know what I did? Of course! Without a moment’s hesitation, I embraced my little chocolate monster and said, “You’re sooo cute, my boy!”

If I can see beyond the imperfections of my son, do you think God won’t do the same thing with you?

Now don’t get me wrong. God doesn’t overlook your sins nor cover up your mistakes. Rather, He sees through them.

He sees His child, weak, struggling, hurting, lost and needing the hug of a Father.

Come to Him today with confidence. See yourself from God’s eyes. And don’t bother to wipe the chocolate off your face.

He will embrace you just the way you are!

Have a blessed week ahead!

Yours in Christ,



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