Making Your Passion Your Mission

Ever wondered why you are somehow good with numbers but not with words?

Or you seem to have no patience with generalities but always have an eye for details?

Or you get restless working behind a desk and always seem “on the go”?

Or you get tired more quickly with theories and get all excited with practical “how to’s”?

The answer is simple: It’s how God made you.

You are wired that way, fashioned uniquely by a God who loves variety. And no one is better made than the other. Each is one is simply different from the other. And from how you are made, you will know what you are made for. In other words, your passion will show you your mission.

This is one of the biggest breakthroughs in my life: knowing how God made me.

Knowing God made me good with my tongue, I realized I am called to communicate good values to a world slowly being emptied of it.

Knowing God made me a visionary, I realized I am called to inspire the brokenhearted to dream again.

Knowing God made me swift with my pen, I realized I was called to inscribe hope in the hearts of the downtrodden.


Hence, preaching and writing became my passion. And in these, I found my mission — evangelization.

How about you? Do you know what you are passionate about? What makes your heart beat a little bit faster than normal? What makes your eyes glistened with tears or your spirit soar with excitement? What will make you get up in the morning and stay awake late at night? What triggers an adrenaline rush and push you beyond your physical limits?

Your passion does that for you.

Know your passion and you will know your mission. Your passion is your means, your mission is your goal.

And if you are a Christian, I have a tip for you. We all have the same mission — to bring God’s love to a world hungry for it.

It is in our passion where we differ. I do it with my preaching and writing.

My friend, how about you?


Passionate for my Mission,

Bobby Q.



Not in Vain: An Easter Message

        Almost two decades ago was the classic fight of Filipino Onyok Velasco for the Olympic Boxing Gold medal. I remember waking up at three o’clock in the morning just to catch the fight live on TV. Despite the long night and the overwhelming temptation to grab a few more precious hours of sleep, I, together with other brothers in the Servants of the Word, the brotherhood I was once part of, pushed ourselves to wake up to watch the fight. There was, however, one nagging thought in my mind that time: “This better be worth it. I hope I did not wake up in vain.”

                We all know what happened. Despite the valiant effort of our brave countryman, he lost a seemingly won fight in the judge’s score cards. The next day, we all nursed not only a broken heart due to disappointment but also a nagging headache due to lack of sleep.

                Today, Easter Sunday, I am reminded of another fight that took place not in a boxing ring but in a mound called Calvary; of another champion who fought to the end; and a fight that likewise took place at three o’clock albeit in the afternoon. The only difference then was that my Calvary champion won the fight for me. His name is Jesus. And His message to us all who believe is this: NOT IN VAIN.

                When you endure your sufferings joyfully for the sake of the Kingdom — NOT IN VAIN!

                When you patiently serve God despite the seeming lack of success — NOT IN VAIN!

                When you labor to plant that seed of conversion in the heart of your relative, friend or even that stranger — NOT IN VAIN!

                When you humbly forgive the one who offended you yet such gesture isn’t reciprocated — NOT IN VAIN!

                When you try to live righteously despite the ridicule and persecution of those who scorned at your faith — NOT IN VAIN!

                Dear friend, because of Christ’s victory over sin and death, none of your efforts today are in vain. There is meaning to your suffering, hope to your dreams, consolation in your distress, and significance to your labor. Christ assures you once again that whatever it is you are going through for His sake and the sake of His Kingdom will one day be justified and rewarded, if not in this lifetime, definitely in the next.    

     As scriptures says: “Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” (1 Corinthians 15:58)

         On the first Easter Sunday, the large stone to the tomb was not the only door that was opened. A greater and more imposing door was opened for you and me. Just as the stone was rolled over, heaven’s gates likewise swung open. And we, who have no hope of living forever, have been given our entry pass to eternal life.

        All we need to do is believe and live our lives according to that belief — hopeful, courageous, victorious!

       Go ahead and celebrate today! It’s Easter! And as you raise that cup of celebration, don’t hesitate to shed a tear of joy. Your life, after all, is NOT IN VAIN!

       A victorious Easter to all of you!

      Bobby Q.

Sensational Recoveries

During my preaching last Saturday at the jampacked Pathways-Wide Recollection, I spoke about God’s saving love which has two components: Rescue and Restoration. And this truth is fleshed out in the following true-to-life stories exemplifying sensational recoveries of really amazing people…

Kicked out by his high school for bad behavior. He fixed his life, joined the seminary and became a priest. Today, he is the campus minister of the very school that kicked him out.

Diagnosed to have cancer and was given a few months to live. Survived for five more years and even outlived his cancer doctors who both died of (guess what?)…cancer!

For years, he was practically on the bottom of the list of performing sales people because he was too righteous to do what other sales people in his company did for their clients. He finally won “Salesman of the Year” award for reaching his quota consistently without compromising his values.

Almost left by his family due to his manifold vices, he surrendered his life to God. Today, he is a leader of one of the family-based Catholic groups in the country.

Fired by his company at a not-so-young age. He entrusted his future to God by starting businesses one after another and is today one of the more successful businessmen in the country.

Dismissed by his school for engaging in the business of selling drugs to his fellow students, he sought God’s help and turned his life around. Today, he teaches at the business school of the same school that dismissed him.


God not only saves us, He also helps us back on track. He restores our dignity, re-establishes our self-respect, refurbishes our self-esteem, repairs our relationships and re-awakens our zest for life.

My friend, are you in the dumps, wasted and shattered by life’s twists and turns? This Holy Week, find your way back to God. Seek Him. Find Him. Trust Him.

He not only rescues us from meaninglessness, He also restores us to fullness of life. From a pauper to a prince. From garbage to gold. From nothing to somebody. From darkness to light.

From the cross to the grave, He can give you the power to recover…sensationally!