Making Your Passion Your Mission

Ever wondered why you are somehow good with numbers but not with words?

Or you seem to have no patience with generalities but always have an eye for details?

Or you get restless working behind a desk and always seem “on the go”?

Or you get tired more quickly with theories and get all excited with practical “how to’s”?

The answer is simple: It’s how God made you.

You are wired that way, fashioned uniquely by a God who loves variety. And no one is better made than the other. Each is one is simply different from the other. And from how you are made, you will know what you are made for. In other words, your passion will show you your mission.

This is one of the biggest breakthroughs in my life: knowing how God made me.

Knowing God made me good with my tongue, I realized I am called to communicate good values to a world slowly being emptied of it.

Knowing God made me a visionary, I realized I am called to inspire the brokenhearted to dream again.

Knowing God made me swift with my pen, I realized I was called to inscribe hope in the hearts of the downtrodden.


Hence, preaching and writing became my passion. And in these, I found my mission — evangelization.

How about you? Do you know what you are passionate about? What makes your heart beat a little bit faster than normal? What makes your eyes glistened with tears or your spirit soar with excitement? What will make you get up in the morning and stay awake late at night? What triggers an adrenaline rush and push you beyond your physical limits?

Your passion does that for you.

Know your passion and you will know your mission. Your passion is your means, your mission is your goal.

And if you are a Christian, I have a tip for you. We all have the same mission — to bring God’s love to a world hungry for it.

It is in our passion where we differ. I do it with my preaching and writing.

My friend, how about you?


Passionate for my Mission,

Bobby Q.




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