God Takes Care of the Results

There was an anecdote about the great legendary actor Charlton Heston who played the part of Moses in the classic movie, “The Ten Commandments”.

Story goes that when the director asked Heston to ride a chariot in one racing scene in the movie, the actor tried to beg off from the scene saying that he isn’t a good rider and that he has no chances of winning the race.

The director patted him on the back and said, “Just focus on riding the chariot. I’ll take care of making sure you win the race.”

Isn’t it the same thing when it comes to our own relationship with God?

We often complain that we don’t have what it takes to reach our dreams, or that there are so many obstacles on our way, or that God is asking for the impossible from us.

For a change, why don’t we just focus on “riding the chariot” and let God take care of making sure we “win the race”? In other words, let’s faithfully do our part and just let God do His.

Just focus being the best employee you can be and let God take care of your promotion.

Just focus on conducting your business with efficiency and integrity, and let God take care of the profits.

Just focus on serving well your constituents, and God will take care of your re-election.

Just focus on being faithful to your mission, and God will take care of the expansion of your ministry.

In a conversation I had with one of my spiritual mentors, he said to me:

If it’s God’s will for you, it will happen no matter what others do. If it isn’t, then it will never happen no matter what you do. So relax and just do your part…And leave the results to God!

I have the same advice for you! Be at peace!

I remain, your brother in Christ,

Bobby Q.


First Things First

If there is one thing you can do that you think would make the biggest difference in your life, what would it be?

For sure, many will mention exercise. Others, perhaps the giving up of certain bad habits. Still others will insist on their work ethics. While most of these things are good to do, they may not be the biggest difference maker in your life. May I venture a suggestion?


I am reminded of the story of that person who woke up one morning to find his house flooded because he left the faucet on the whole night. Immediately, he started mopping the floor. His neighbour who came by to help him asked him why he is mopping the floor without first the turning off the faucet. His reply was a classic: I am so busy mopping the floor, I have no time to turn off the faucet.

Ridiculous, eh?

First things first: Turn off the faucet, then start mopping the floor. In that way, your efforts will not be wasted.

In life, many people are no different.

The moment they wake up in the morning, instead of quieting down to pray, they immediately roll up their sleeves and work. “Time is gold”, they say. So they step on the gas pedal and begin to labor tirelessly the whole day. At the end of the day, they end up exhausted and totally drained.

May I suggest a different approach?

Try “turning off the faucet first before mopping the floor”. First things first: Pray. Find a quiet place to sit and reflect. Get in touch with your heart and your soul. Converse with your Maker. Enthrone Him as your King. Remind yourself that your life isn’t yours but His. That because it’s His, He will take good care of it. That nothing will happen to you today that He has not ordained. That nothing will take place today that you and He cannot overcome. Give Him your dreams. Offer Him your struggles. Ask Him for His strength.

Thirty minutes of powerful re-charging is more productive than 24 hours of powerless labor.

Nothing is more true in my own life.

In almost two decades of following the Lord, I realized that my day is more productive when I take time to really pray before I begin my work. When I get to the office, I smile more easily. When pressing deadlines leap from my desk, I don’t panic as much. I am more confident. My thoughts, words and deeds become more purposive and thus, more efficient. I am more focused, my energies directed into what I seek to accomplish. Time isn’t wasted. Doors open. Opportunities beckon. My words — more powerful. My motives– more pure. My efforts — more fruitful.  Good people are drawn to me. Bad people repelled. Challenges shrink as the day progresses. Faith increases by the hour. I am more positive, more at peace, more productive.

The reason? I did first things first. I prayed. And everything else just fell in place.

This week, try to be more consistent. Take prayer more seriously. Not on the go. Not fleetingly. Not in the midst of multi-tasking. But quiet, deep and personal time of uninterrupted prayer.

Remember this: When you place importance in what’s important to God, He takes care of what’s important to you!

I remain, your servant in Christ,

Bobby Q.

Yes, You Can!

In some of the talks I give, I often ask a volunteer to put on a jacket and then I ask that person to hand me a P500 bill. Naturally, after attempting to search his pockets, he’d sheepishly say that he doesn’t have any. The crowd giggles. I ask him again. This time, the volunteer gives me a firm answer: “Brother, I don’t have it”. I tell him to look more closely inside the right pocket of the jacket that I made him wear. He unzips the pocket zipper and reaches in and…voila! He takes it out — P500!

Little did he know that I already gave him what he needed to do what I asked him to.

Isn’t it the same thing when it comes to God’s call? When He tells us to go after that dream project, or take on that difficult service, or set up that challenging business, He also gives us the ability to accomplish it. But don’t we often give a similar response as my volunteer: “God, I don’t have what it takes…”

My friend, God says to you, “Yes you do!”.

Because even before he asks you to do something, He already gives you what you need to accomplish it.Indeed, the saying is true that God doesn’t call the able but those whom He calls, He enables!

Recently, we joyfully learned that my wife Jeng is pregnant with our fourth child (technically, it’s our 5th except that we lost our second child through a miscarriage). Some well-meaning friends told us that having four children while remaining a missionary is going to be financially challenging for us. While I understand perfectly their genuine concern, something within also tells me that there is something wrong with this mentality.

This brought me back to my “jacket” demonstration.

I believe that even before God gave me a fourth child, he has already given me the means to raise the child.He has bestowed upon me the necessary skills to do well in my work, and He is getting ready to bless the work of my hands. He has lined up events and circumstances in my life that will engineer my victory. He has set up divine appointments for me with key people who can elevate my capacity for success and add value to my person. And for as long as I do my part, God will do His.

The bible says: “And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19)

Are you faced with a daunting task before you? Are you overwhelmed by all your responsibilities at hand? Are taken aback by the uncertainty of what lies ahead?

Take heart, dear friend. If you seek God’s mind with all your heart and follow His will with all your might, you will triumph. Because He who calls you has already enabled you. Go for that dream. Strive for that goal. Work towards that future. Somebody up there is rooting for you. He cheers. He eggs you on. At the top of His voice, He encourages you today, not with empty words, but with a full-proof promise of victory. Listen closely, His words for you are crystal clear: Yes, you can!

I remain in Christ,

Bobby Q.