The Three Levels of Fulfillment

Somebody once said that every person’s highest desire is to be happy. I think this just partly true. Happiness is definitely part of that desire. But I believe that every person’s highest desire is really fulfillment. Let me tell you what I mean…

I am convinced that there are three levels of fulfillment in life.

The first and lowest level is what we call “fun”. Bottles of beer or a nice movie can give you that. Before I took my faith seriously in my life, I lived a fun life. My calendar was filled with “fun” things: a movie date, drinking sprees, parties and sports events. Yet all of those lasted for only a few hours, or a couple of days at most. Temporary. They didn’t last.

The second and perhaps most common level of fulfillment is happiness. Most relatively good people, including those with an average spiritual life, are stuck in this level. And most of them think this is “it”, that this is the highest level, that they can’t get no higher. And yet deep in their hearts, they know anytime this ecstatic feeling can be taken away from them. Rick Warren, author of the book “Purpose Driven Life”, once defined what “happiness” is by describing it as “a feeling dependent on what’s ‘happening’ around you”. For instance, if you have a wonderful family, then you are happy. Or happiness can come from a flourishing career or great friends around you. Happiness definitely lasts longer than fun. But this too may end. When a loved one passes away. Or the career makes a downturn. Or friends disappoint. Somehow, happiness is diminished if not completely obliterated.

Friend, may I suggest that you should strive for the highest level of fulfillment.

This is called “JOY”.

Joy is not driven by a bottle of beer or a rewarding business venture. Joy is not something dependent on external circumstances. Joy lies deep within the heart of every person. And it can be given only by only one Being who is capable of going to the depths of one’s heart: God.

That’s why the alcoholic wakes up wasted the next day, not only with a heavy head but with an empty heart.

That’s why the successful businessman still weeps when he is alone in his office at night.

That’s why the wealthy couple with beautiful children stare blankly at each other over dinner thinking what’s still missing in their almost perfect family life.


Money, fame, success and even good relationships can fill your house. But only God can fill your heart.

He alone fulfills.

Today, look for Him. In your bible. In your church. In your prayers.

He isn’t far. Look closely. He is just there with you now.

Eager to bring fulfillment into your life!

I remain, your brother in Christ,

Bobby Q.


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