Using Your Despair Wisely

(Based on Mark 5:21-43)

John Wesley, legendary Christian evangelist, once said, “It doesn’t matter how great the pressure is, what matters is where the pressure lies.”

For Christians, we are taught to put the pressure, not in front of us, but behind us and use it to push us  closer to God instead of away from Him.

That’s what the two people in the Gospel today did: They used their despair wisely by allowing it push them to go to Jesus.

On the one hand was a powerful man, the synagogue official whose daughter was struggling to live. 

On the other hand was a weak woman, bleeding to death.

Both came from opposite ends of the social stratum yet both went to Jesus. The synagogue official swallowed his pride to seek the help of a wandering preacher while the bleeding woman overcame her shame to touch the cloak of the miraculous rabbi. What made them do what they did?


Such a terrifying word. It can cripple you. It can shut you out. It can make you give up. Or…

It can push you closer to God.

I had my own share of despair. When I lost my second child through a miscarriage. When my dad suffered a serious heart attack. When our funds got depleted some years back. When my children got sick. When I fall into sin.

Sometimes the despair can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be re-channeled. Use your despair wisely. Put it behind you and let it push you closer to God. Neither pride nor shame would be strong enough to stop you. 

And I pray that just like the synagogue official and the bleeding woman, you too might experience such staggering power like no other, the kind of power that will leave you completely changed forever!


I remain, your friend in Christ,

Bobby Q. 


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