Cheerfulness is Faith!

I am writing this blog as two of my three children are sound asleep. Both are down with cold, cough and fever. It has been a long week for Jeng and myself as we had our own bouts with flu ourselves. And it isn’t over yet as we try to nurse our two kids back to full health and prevent our other child from getting sick as well.

In the midst of all these, it is so tempting to whine and grumble about our situation but we choose not to.  Not because we are such holy and positive people, but because we are convinced about something essential in our faith: God is good whatever the situation is.

We preach and sing about it often, but do we really know what it means?

Being cheerful is a statement that God can be trusted. On the other hand, when we complain, we, in effect, deny this truth. Cheerfulness is faith while complaining is lack of it. The former is conviction that God is faithful all the time, while the latter is hinting that God can sometimes be unfair.  The former says God’s word is reliable while the latter says that God can lie. 

In scriptures, it says:

“…God loves a cheerful giver…” (2 Corinthians 9:7)

This week,  I encourage you to channel all your energy to being cheerful regardless of your situation.

Your cheerfulness brings a smile to God’s face and a lot of hope in people’s hearts. 

Indeed, cheerfulness is faith!

In Christ,

Bobby Q.


2 thoughts on “Cheerfulness is Faith!

  1. Thank you Bobby, It is good to be reminded that God’s love reigns in all circumstances, though it is a challenge to be cheerful at all times. We will be praying for the health of your kids.

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