Regrets v. Hope

There are two kinds of people whose outlook in life are located at opposite poles — those who live in regrets and those who live in hope.

Regret quells the spirit while hope inspires it.

Regret lives in the past while hope lives in the future.

Regret is constantly looking back while hope is constantly looking up.

Regret looks at what could have been while hope looks forward to what could still be.

Regret says “what if” while hope says “why not”.

Regret whispers “you’ve tried it before  and failed” while hope exclaims “you’ve tried it before but you can try again plus other things more”. 

Regret makes you sore while hope makes you soar.

The Bible says:

Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead” (Philippians 3:13)

Every person has regrets. But some choose to dwell on them while others choose to deal with them.

Today, choose to deal with your regrets by keeping them where they really belong: in your past. Then start focusing on what truly matters: your future.

Hope in the Lord. Your future is safe is His hands!

Hopeful until the end,

Bobby Q.


2 thoughts on “Regrets v. Hope

  1. Kuya Bobby,

    Thanks for this article.
    I’m in a deep trouble these past few weeks, constantly looking in the past, never moving on..
    I do not live up my name but the opposite of it, which is REGRETS.
    I have many “what ifs”,
    my motto is “I’ve tried it before and failed… why should I do it again.”,
    I always tell my special someone with “you did that before us, then, most likely, you will do that again”,
    constantly looking in the past, never looking up.

    But you know Kuya, after reading your article I’m inspired to start anew,
    To dwell and live my life with hope, to have a taste of living in the present while looking up and waiting for the future with a smile…together with LOVE (her name).

    • Hi Bro. Hope,

      I am glad this blog post helped you. May you continue to fix your eyes on Jesus. He is the true source of hope and He never fails. Give my regards to Love. Stay blessed, my brother!

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