You Always Win with God!

Whenever I play badminton, I always end up helping the opposing team win a game, of course to the dismay of my teammates. That’s how bad I am when it comes to this sport. (No wonder the opposing team cheers for me!)  

The devil has the same predicament.

When he feels he has won, God is able to use the very situation the devil has created to bring about something good from it. 

For instance, when the devil inflicts upon a person so much suffering, the person ends up turning to God for help…

Poverty ignites faith…

Wealth inspires charity…

Sickness brings about a trusting heart…

Good health brings about a grateful heart…

Despair begets hope…

Promise begets belief…

Joseph the Dreamer, Chief Administrator of Egypt, sold to slavery by his own brothers years before, had this to say to his repentant siblings:

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” (Genesis 50:20) 

My dear friend, whatever negative situation you find yourself in right now, remember that if you hold on to God, He can turn things around to make every circumstance benefit you.

History shows and the Truth affirms that the Devil never wins. Not then. Not now. Not ever.

For every Christian, no situation should end up in hopelessness. There is always hope because in the end, God always wins.

And if you stand by Him no matter what, you win with Him!

Have a blessed Advent, my friend!

Bobby Q.


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