God Takes You Seriously

Somebody once complained that most people don’t take him seriously. “One time”, he said “I called an emergency hotline and would you believe…the operator even put me on hold!”

Unfortunately, many people feel that way — that their concerns are no big deal to others. In the greater scheme of things, they feel that their concerns really do not weigh much.

So who cares if my business is losing when the economy is doing so well? Or so what if my marriage is falling apart considering that it’s just one of the many marriages out there? Or what does my poor self-image have to do with anything at all?

One time, I heard over the radio a person pouring his heart out to a radio host who presented himself as a “life counselor”. While the phone-in caller shared his “sad story” in between sobs, the radio host kept jabbing with witty on-air remarks which elicited laughter from his listeners. Sure, it made the program fun (at the expense of the caller), but I was also pretty sure that the phone-in caller didn’t feel consoled at all. Instead, the feeling that her concerns are really puny compared to other “more important matters” was all the more reinforced.

It’s a good thing that with God, your concerns, no matter how shallow, do matter a lot.

That’s what the New Testament did for all of us. It presented to us a God who was incredibly concerned with our mundane pre-occupations.

The God who parted the waters of the Red Sea was the same God who transformed the water to wine.

The God whom Moses could not even see with unveiled face was the same God who dared to touch the leper.

The God who slew thousands of Midianites was the same God who brought the Widow’s son back to life.

Yes, our God is a God who specializes on the big stuff. But what is important to God has nothing to do with what he does but who He does it for. It doesn’t matter if it’s rescuing an entire nation from an economic meltdown or rescuing a teenager from loneliness. For God, if he does it for His beloved, it will always be a “big deal” for Him.

Today, come to Him in prayer. Pour out to Him your deepest thoughts and feelings. Converse with Him. Don’t even think for a second that your concerns are too shallow for such a complicated God.

He loves you. And that is why your concerns, no matter how small, are important to Him.

Others may not take you seriously at times. But God always does!

Have a blessed week ahead!

Bobby Q. 


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