Your Dream Job Today

Back in elementary, I remember what some of my classmates wrote in the “ambition” portion of their slum books. One said he wanted to be an astronaut. Another said he wanted to be a professional wrestler. Then another one dreamed of becoming a body builder.

What became of them?

Well, if I am not mistaken, the one who wanted to strut on the moon is now teaching students about the moon — an educator. The future Hulk Hogan is now drawing sketches of him — an artist. The Arnold Swarzenegger wannabe is not building his muscles but is definitely building his business — a successful businessman.

They may not have reached their dreams but I don’t see them less than who they wanted to be. You see, they do their work well. They excel. They perform. They may not exactly be head over heels over what they do, but they do give their all to it.  

Here’s the thing: The dignity of your work is not so much in what you do but in how you do it.

For instance, a security guard who is faithful in his work is more dignified than a lawyer who cheats.

Dear friend, you might be in a job today that is far from what you envisioned yourself years ago. And I understand if you daydream once in a while of finding your dream job. But may I give an unsolicited advice? Make your present job your dream job. 

Do well. Strive hard. Make the most of what you have. Develop the talents God has given you. Have integrity.

A dream job is not always something you wish for in the future but something you can make of your job today.

I remain,

Bobby Q.




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