During my fortieth birthday yesterday, in my prayer time, I asked the Lord how He would want me to spend the next forty years of my life assuming I get to live until eighty years old.

Would He want me to work on expanding the global scope of my preaching ministry?

Would He want me to work on building more Christian communities internationally?

Would He want me to work on expanding my evangelistic reach through television, internet and other forms of media?

Would He want me to work on my dream of building a school refuge for streetchildren?

Would He want me to work on evangelizing the legal profession more?

Would He want me to work on writing more inspirational books?

But God’s answer made me cringe in shame.

He spoke to my heart saying:

“In the next forty years of life, I want you to work on making yourself fit for heaven. Prepare your soul eternity.”

Tears streamed down my cheeks as the truth of God’s love dawned me.

God wants me more than what I do for Him. He is after my salvation more than my service. He wants to see me not so much preaching in other lands but worshipping in the “land of lands”.

Today, I commit myself to making myself ready to see Him face to face someday. To prepare myself for eternity. To work hard at making myself more fit for heaven. By His grace. By His power. By His Spirit.

In the midst of all our earthly pre-occupation, may we never lose sight of what lies beyond the grave. Where grace is abundant. Where joy is unending. Where peace never ends.

Where God’s overwhelming love, in “good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap…” (Luke 6:38)

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Invest in Your Faith

“I can’t get interested in my church,” remarked a young lady.

“Well, you can hardly expect to,” said her Christian friend. “It is just like getting interest from your bank account. First, you have to put something in. And the more you put in, the more the interest grows.” (Based on the book “1,000 Stories You Can Use” by Frank Mihalic)

Nowadays, more often than not, many Christians desert their faith out of ignorance. They quit on it without even knowing it fully in the first place. Their claim is that their faith does not nourish them anymore, as if faith is a vendo machine or a drinking fountain — that you go to it only to receive but not to give.

Faith is not a one-way sidestreet of grace but a highway of mutual love between a Creator and his people. Hence, in order to fully appreciate one’s faith, a person must also choose to be a giver to his church, rather than just a receiver.

Invest in your faith, my friend.

Find a prayer group. Seek spiritual counsel. Read spiritual books about your faith. Know your teachings and understand why. Investigate fully. Immerse yourself in service.

Don’t leave by default, not even knowing what you are leaving behind.

Please don’t get me wrong. I know that some reasons for leaving are valid. Hurt can push you away. Disappointment can drag you out. Anger can send you off.

But never let ignorance be the culprit that will rob you of the beauty of your faith.

Today, decide to invest more in knowing what God has gifted you with. You were born into this faith not by accident but by God’s choice.

And God, my friend, never makes mistakes.

I remain, in Christ,Image

Bobby Q.

Pray Away!

Sometimes, when my children would ask from me outrageously expensive stuff, I often shrug it off with a smile thinking, “You might as well ask me for the moon…” (I don’t say it aloud, though, fearful that they just might.)

While I don’t buy them just about anything they want, I have to admit that I get a kick out of their bold requests. To me, it proves something very consoling: they believe in me that much. 

It’s a pity, though, that we don’t ask with the same boldness when it comes to God.

Sometimes, we hesitate to pray for big things. We settle for the little stuff. We hold back. We shrink back. We request for something puny as if we are praying to a beggar and not the owner of the cosmos. If only we know how powerful our God is, we would not hesitate to pray with outrageous boldness everyday.

Don’t just pray for a piece of bread. Pray for peace of mind.

Don’t just pray for a new job. Pray for a new life.

Don’t just pray for a blessing. Pray that you be a blessing.

Don’t just pray for an earthly inheritance. Pray for an eternal one.

The Bible says: 

“Never worry about anything. Instead, in every situation let your petitions be made known to God through prayers and requests, with thanksgiving.” (Philippians 4:6)

Today, I suggest you pray away without hesitation. You serve a big God who is more than capable of granting big things.

Now, God may not answer you exactly the way you want Him to. But definitely, He will answer you in accordance with his perfect will for you.

So get down on your knees today and pray with outrageous boldness and see…

Your prayers move powerfully a very powerful God!

I remain, in Christ,

Bobby Q.


You Are Meant to Fly!

When I was a kid, I loved catching dragonflies. The moment I catch one, I immediately tie it down with a string and I walk around with it to the delight and amazement of my friends. Today, looking back, I feel sorry for the dragonfly. Because it was tied down to a string, it couldn’t do what it was made to do which was to fly.

Could it be possible that you have the same predicament as that dragonfly?

Your career can’t seem to take off.

That sin you can’t seem to shake off.

That project you seem to always put off.

In short, you seem to be tied down to something that prevents you from really soaring to greater heights in your life.

What is that string that ties you down, my friend?

Is it a bad habit? A wrong mindset? A poor self-esteem? A painful memory? A nagging fear?

Can I make a suggestion? Offer it to Jesus today.

The Bible says:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

Stop tugging on that string in an effort to fly. Let Jesus cut that string for you. Invite Him into your heart and into your life today. Find rest in Him.

Then listen closely. He is whispering in your ear these very words:

“Child, you are meant to fly!”

Yours in Christ,

Bobby Q.