Invest in Your Faith

“I can’t get interested in my church,” remarked a young lady.

“Well, you can hardly expect to,” said her Christian friend. “It is just like getting interest from your bank account. First, you have to put something in. And the more you put in, the more the interest grows.” (Based on the book “1,000 Stories You Can Use” by Frank Mihalic)

Nowadays, more often than not, many Christians desert their faith out of ignorance. They quit on it without even knowing it fully in the first place. Their claim is that their faith does not nourish them anymore, as if faith is a vendo machine or a drinking fountain — that you go to it only to receive but not to give.

Faith is not a one-way sidestreet of grace but a highway of mutual love between a Creator and his people. Hence, in order to fully appreciate one’s faith, a person must also choose to be a giver to his church, rather than just a receiver.

Invest in your faith, my friend.

Find a prayer group. Seek spiritual counsel. Read spiritual books about your faith. Know your teachings and understand why. Investigate fully. Immerse yourself in service.

Don’t leave by default, not even knowing what you are leaving behind.

Please don’t get me wrong. I know that some reasons for leaving are valid. Hurt can push you away. Disappointment can drag you out. Anger can send you off.

But never let ignorance be the culprit that will rob you of the beauty of your faith.

Today, decide to invest more in knowing what God has gifted you with. You were born into this faith not by accident but by God’s choice.

And God, my friend, never makes mistakes.

I remain, in Christ,Image

Bobby Q.


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