Easter Sunday Reflection: UNRESTRAINED!


How often do you experience being held back from soaring high in your life? 

Resentment — keep hitting back grudgingly
Regret — keep glancing back painfully
Addiction — keep trying hard helplessly
Worry — keep being afraid endlessly
Insecurity — keep looking inward agonizingly
Frustration — keep banging your head repeatedly

The foregoing are consequences attached to a sinful world. But thanks be to God, on the first Easter Sunday, God dealt with sin and triumphed over it. As light exploded from within the burial cloth, light exploded into the world as well. As the cloth was ripped open, so the sins that cling closely to us were ripped mercilessly from our hearts. As the rolled cloth was left behind as evidence of His resurrection, so did God leave our sins buried as evidence that we can truly start anew!

On that first Easter Sunday, Jesus was unrestrained from the clutches of sin and death!

And every person who believes in Him and lives for Him will also have the capacity to be unrestrained from anything that will prevent us from becoming the kind of persons that God intended us to be.

Absolved from sin. 
Freed from resentment. 
Emptied of regret. 
Unshackled from addiction. 
Relieved of worry. 
Spared from insecurity. 
Shielded from frustration.

Today, Easter Sunday, decide to step out of the tomb and walk with Him. And then join the victory ride! 

He has a place reserved only for you in His triumphant parade!

Happy Easter, my friends!

– Bobby Quitain

Black Saturday Reflection: Focus on the Promise

Patrick Star, friend of Spongebob Squarepants, in a rare moment of brilliance, remarked:

Image“Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not yet all right, it’s not yet the end.”

How often do we lament our troubles as if it is the end of the world? How often do we grieve over our misery as if it is “game over”? How often do we mourn our death as if it has the final say?

My friend, if you are a Christian who tries his or her best to live a good life for God, then rejoice! The words of Patrick Star are true for you. Despite all your present troubles, in the end, everything will be alright! That is the promise of God!


I have a tip for you. When beset with challenges and difficulties, stop focusing on the problem and start focusing on the promise.

When Christ died on the first Good Friday, the apostles forgot about the promise too! They focused on the problem — the death of their Master. They failed to remember the promise — His sure resurrection. It was only upon His resurrection that they remembered his words:

“And they remembered his words” (Luke 24:8)

God has many promises in my life. And many of them have already been fulfilled and many more are getting fulfilled as the days go by. In the midst of my challenges, I remember all His promises to inspire me to continue to trust and believe! I try hard to remove my focus from my present predicament and focus on God’s assurance of a bright future.

How about you? Are you burdened with many things today?

Take my advice. Focus not on the problem but on the promise.

And then stand back and behold…the stone is about to move!


Bobby Quitain   

Good Friday Reflection: Who’s Your Man?

ImageWhen a player makes a game-winning shot, we high-five him and exclaim “You’re the man!”.

When a singer renders a heart-bursting song on stage, we give a standing ovation and cheer “You’re the man!”.

When a businessman turns up with the highest profits for the year, we slap him on the back and utter “You’re the man!”.


We clap, holler, rejoice and celebrate with those who did great things with their craft.

 But what about Him who did more than that?

His game winning shot took place, not on a goal ten feet high but on a higher pole called the Cross. His best song came not on a stage in broadway but on a hill called Calvary. His investment registered not only profits that can last you a lifetime but real security for your eternity.

Recognition. That’s what we want to do today.

Today, we yell a cheer and shed a tear at the same time. For without His sacrifice, we would still be in our sins, and death would still breathing down our necks. Without meaning to, Pilate declared unknowingly the traditional version of “You’re the man!” when he pointed at Jesus and said to the crowd:

“Behold the man!” (John 19:5)

That’s what I ought to say also.

For rescuing me from drunkenness, violence and sexual addiction…”Jesus, you’re the Man!”

For giving me direction in my life… “Jesus, you’re the Man!”

For the privilege to be part of your mission…” Jesus, you’re the Man!”

For the honor of having a wonderful family and community…”Jesus, you’re the Man!”


How about you, dear friend? What’s your story?

Today, remember what Christ has done for you. Recount the victory the cross has won for you. Revisit the Savior who died for you.

He isn’t just a carpenter from small town Nazareth hanging on a tree.

He is Yeshua! He is Messiah!

He is the Man!


Bobby Q.



You Washed My Feet

You washed my feet…

…calloused from running away from my responsibilities.

…dirtied by my sins.

…bruised from all my wrong decisions.

…wounded by my unfaithfulness.

Yet the whole time, while washing them, not once did you grimace at my unworthiness. You kept your eyes on my face. You knew my sins, my faults, my mistakes and my future transgressions. And yet you kept washing. Determined, not only to cleanse me of my past, but to also assure me of my future. 

That I too might do what you are doing.

To love. Unconditionally. Sacrificially. Eternally.

Thank you, Jesus! I am made clean by your love!Image

Parenting 101?


I give parenting seminars to different schools and organizations. In these seminars, I instruct and inspire fellow parents to become the kind of parents that God wants all of us to be.

But that doesn’t mean that I am spared from anxieties over my own children. Once in a while, fearful thoughts creep into my mind bombarding me with endless terrifying possibilities over the future of my children. I end up doubting my actions as a parent. Questions pop up that only serve to fertilize the growing anxiety within the heart…

Did I process well the incident that just happen?

Should I have scolded them for what they did?

Maybe I should have been less harsh?

Did I express enough my love for them after the incident?

Do they know that I do these things out of my love for them?

This morning, while unburdening my heart to God, I felt His warm, soothing and consoling presence in my heart.

“Child,” he said. “You are not their real father. I am. And because of this, I want you to know that I love them more than you do. Just do your best in parenting given your many human limitations and entrust the rest to me. I fill in the gaps. I make up for your limitations. I teach. I discipline. I nurture. I love. I am the author of Parenting 101.”

And just like the official in today’s Gospel, I want to believe in what God spoke to me and find peace in it. (See John 4:50)

Can you identify with me? Are you a parent struggling to be one? Do you feel inadequate for this task at hand?

Then God’s word to me this morning might be His word for you too. Trust Him to fill in the gaps for you. Trust Him to take care of your children when you no longer can. Trust Him to be their strength when your own strength fails you.

The best we can do is this: We may not be there always to help our children make the right decisions in life but we can surely provide them with the right foundation to be able to do so.

And that foundation, my friend, is no less than the author of Parenting 101 Himself.

Be at peace!

Yours in Christ,

Bobby Q.