Parenting 101?


I give parenting seminars to different schools and organizations. In these seminars, I instruct and inspire fellow parents to become the kind of parents that God wants all of us to be.

But that doesn’t mean that I am spared from anxieties over my own children. Once in a while, fearful thoughts creep into my mind bombarding me with endless terrifying possibilities over the future of my children. I end up doubting my actions as a parent. Questions pop up that only serve to fertilize the growing anxiety within the heart…

Did I process well the incident that just happen?

Should I have scolded them for what they did?

Maybe I should have been less harsh?

Did I express enough my love for them after the incident?

Do they know that I do these things out of my love for them?

This morning, while unburdening my heart to God, I felt His warm, soothing and consoling presence in my heart.

“Child,” he said. “You are not their real father. I am. And because of this, I want you to know that I love them more than you do. Just do your best in parenting given your many human limitations and entrust the rest to me. I fill in the gaps. I make up for your limitations. I teach. I discipline. I nurture. I love. I am the author of Parenting 101.”

And just like the official in today’s Gospel, I want to believe in what God spoke to me and find peace in it. (See John 4:50)

Can you identify with me? Are you a parent struggling to be one? Do you feel inadequate for this task at hand?

Then God’s word to me this morning might be His word for you too. Trust Him to fill in the gaps for you. Trust Him to take care of your children when you no longer can. Trust Him to be their strength when your own strength fails you.

The best we can do is this: We may not be there always to help our children make the right decisions in life but we can surely provide them with the right foundation to be able to do so.

And that foundation, my friend, is no less than the author of Parenting 101 Himself.

Be at peace!

Yours in Christ,

Bobby Q.


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