Good Friday Reflection: Who’s Your Man?

ImageWhen a player makes a game-winning shot, we high-five him and exclaim “You’re the man!”.

When a singer renders a heart-bursting song on stage, we give a standing ovation and cheer “You’re the man!”.

When a businessman turns up with the highest profits for the year, we slap him on the back and utter “You’re the man!”.


We clap, holler, rejoice and celebrate with those who did great things with their craft.

 But what about Him who did more than that?

His game winning shot took place, not on a goal ten feet high but on a higher pole called the Cross. His best song came not on a stage in broadway but on a hill called Calvary. His investment registered not only profits that can last you a lifetime but real security for your eternity.

Recognition. That’s what we want to do today.

Today, we yell a cheer and shed a tear at the same time. For without His sacrifice, we would still be in our sins, and death would still breathing down our necks. Without meaning to, Pilate declared unknowingly the traditional version of “You’re the man!” when he pointed at Jesus and said to the crowd:

“Behold the man!” (John 19:5)

That’s what I ought to say also.

For rescuing me from drunkenness, violence and sexual addiction…”Jesus, you’re the Man!”

For giving me direction in my life… “Jesus, you’re the Man!”

For the privilege to be part of your mission…” Jesus, you’re the Man!”

For the honor of having a wonderful family and community…”Jesus, you’re the Man!”


How about you, dear friend? What’s your story?

Today, remember what Christ has done for you. Recount the victory the cross has won for you. Revisit the Savior who died for you.

He isn’t just a carpenter from small town Nazareth hanging on a tree.

He is Yeshua! He is Messiah!

He is the Man!


Bobby Q.




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