Easter Sunday Reflection: UNRESTRAINED!


How often do you experience being held back from soaring high in your life? 

Resentment — keep hitting back grudgingly
Regret — keep glancing back painfully
Addiction — keep trying hard helplessly
Worry — keep being afraid endlessly
Insecurity — keep looking inward agonizingly
Frustration — keep banging your head repeatedly

The foregoing are consequences attached to a sinful world. But thanks be to God, on the first Easter Sunday, God dealt with sin and triumphed over it. As light exploded from within the burial cloth, light exploded into the world as well. As the cloth was ripped open, so the sins that cling closely to us were ripped mercilessly from our hearts. As the rolled cloth was left behind as evidence of His resurrection, so did God leave our sins buried as evidence that we can truly start anew!

On that first Easter Sunday, Jesus was unrestrained from the clutches of sin and death!

And every person who believes in Him and lives for Him will also have the capacity to be unrestrained from anything that will prevent us from becoming the kind of persons that God intended us to be.

Absolved from sin. 
Freed from resentment. 
Emptied of regret. 
Unshackled from addiction. 
Relieved of worry. 
Spared from insecurity. 
Shielded from frustration.

Today, Easter Sunday, decide to step out of the tomb and walk with Him. And then join the victory ride! 

He has a place reserved only for you in His triumphant parade!

Happy Easter, my friends!

– Bobby Quitain


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