The Deception

“I am not religious but spiritual.”

We often hear this statement uttered by many young people today. And they say this with a certain smugness as if they just discovered something new that others haven’t in the past. They say this with a kind of pride as if they are more “enlightened” than their more closed-minded ancestors. They strut with this belief in tow as if announcing to the world about the dawning of a new era of a more progressive kind of spirituality.

Little do they know that they have fallen yet again to an age-old lie…

It all began in a garden called Eden where a serpent told a couple that they can be “gods” if they eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil…

It was the motivating force in the construction of the tower in Babel as part of man’s  attempt to reach the stature of “god”.

It was Pharaoh’s stubborn enchantment of numerous gods without regard for human suffering…

It was Caesar’s quest of divine supremacy in the guise of a universal empire…

It is extreme materialism which aimed to place money on a pedestal at the expense of relationships.

It is liberalism without restraint that promises anarchy in the guise of total freedom.

It is the “higher-mind” movement that tells you that we can all be gods by sheer development of the mind and oneness with the universe.

It is the alleged “free thinker” who believes in anything for as long as he does not hurt others.

It is “relativism” that makes one his own judge of what is right or wrong.

The strategy has changed over the years but the lie remains the same: You can be your own “god”.

No limits. No rules. No borders.

You are the master of your own destiny, king of your own kingdom, the champion of your own cause, and the minister of your own beliefs.

It strives to tell you what Christ has often preached against — that your life is all about YOU!

If Satan cannot force you to hate God, he can force you to love yourself more.

If Satan cannot force you not to believe God, he can force you at least not to seriously believe in anything.

If Satan cannot force you to disobey God, he can at least force you to ignore Him by reducing Him from a personal friend to an impersonal “force”.

Today, look at your family and friends. Who among them subscribe to this “deception”?

Pray for them. Utter their names before God. Do battle on their behalf. 

Always remember that such thinking, while seemingly harmless, is not a mere product of human logic, but a carefully re-packaged lie uttered down the centuries that has misled a million lives and has held captive countless souls.

The Bible states:

“Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me.’…” (John 14:6)

Not mind transcending methods. Not free thinking. Not some impersonal universal force.

But Jesus — personal, loving and true.

Mark this down: What they call “New Age” isn’t so new after all.

It is an age-old lie simply called “The Deception”.

Yours, in Christ,

Bobby Quitain


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