My Father Can’t Be Outdated

My father is not on Facebook but he surely knows my status.
My father is not on Twitter but he always tries to follow me.
My father doesn’t know how to operate a tablet but he still brings me one whenever I have a headache (yep! even at my age!).
My father can’t even switch on a laptop but I still remember how he used to make me sit on his lap watching PBA games on TV.
My father has no idea what a “playstation” is because he used to be my only “playstation” before (but he continues to be when it comes to his grandchildren!)
My father still thinks of Justin Bieber as a cute, cuddly pet animal with a cute name (Justin), but his Beatles music is still my all-time favorite.

Many things are outdated in my life today. But never you, Pang. Never you.

I love you, Papang! Happy Father’s Day!

The Life of an Itinerant Preacher

There are preachers with congregations and preachers with churches. There are preachers in parishes and preachers in prayer groups. 

But there is a unique kind of preacher.

The “itinerant”.

The dictionary defines “itinerant” as “traveling from place to place”. That, my friend, is what I do.

While I do have a home-base, my community Ligaya ng Panginoon and its affiliated groups like Lingkod ng Panginoon and Pathways Ministry, I am, for the most part, always traveling to different places to speak the Word of God before different kinds of people, groups, organizations, churches, parishes and companies.

I eat breakfast at home, lunch at an airport and dinner in another city. Hotel rooms and generous hosts are my blessings. I learn new dialects in many of my trips. I create new friends in every corner of the country and even some abroad. 

Tiring? Yes. Draining? You bet. 

But unquestionably “fulfilling” every step of the way. Why? Because that’s what I am called to do.

You see, they say that when you do what you are called to do, the fatigue is often overshadowed by fulfillment. 

Is this true with you?

Are you in a work that you believe God has called you to be in? Are you doing what you believe God made you to do? Are you in a job that God told you to take?

Fulfillment is what we all strive for. And the first step towards it is to be where God wants you to be and to do what God has called you to do.

Yes, even if it sometimes mean being “itinerant”. For I would rather travel constantly with God than stay put without Him.

Have a blessed week ahead, my friend!

Bobby Quitain