“Built-in” Blessing: The Secret on How to be Blessed

People often say that if you are good, God will bless you. But does that mean that God won’t bless you if you are not? Or is it the case that God has already made the blessing available to those who follow His plan? And that in not following His plan, you miss out on His blessings by your own choice.

Let me tell you what I mean…

For instance, God has given you a mobile phone filled with many features. He gives you a personally-made manual so that you can access all these wonderful features and enjoy them. But then you insist on knowing everything about the phone. Instead of reading the manual, you tried to find out things for yourself. You dabbled with the gadget, experimented with the buttons, and tested its capacity. Sure, you might end up discovering its features, but you can also miss out on some. Worse, you might actually destroy it.

But if you follow God’s instructions, you end up enjoying all the wonderful features of the phone.

Question: Did God say I will give these features if you follow my instructions? Or did He not say that you will discover these wonderful built-in features if you follow my instructions?

The first is a promise of a reward. The second is a promise of a discovery.

Similarly, in life, it is often the case that God has already “built-in” his blessings in His plan for our lives. If you follow closely his commandments on how to live a righteous and holy life, the blessings will naturally come your way because they are part of the package of the life that God wants us to live. Don’t follow His plan, and perhaps you can still live a good life but not the “full life” that God intended you to live.

Is a blessing something that God rewards you with for what you do or for what you allow God to do with you?

My take is this: A blessing is always available to those who allow God to have His way with them.

The reward of a blessing is usually not something we merit but something we discover as we follow God’s prescription of a “full life” every step of the way!

Have a blessed week ahead, friends!

Bobby Quitain


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