What is that you carry?

What is that you carry? 

A luggage of worries?

Filled to the brim. Of what could be or what might. Of what isn’t yet and what could never be. Worry. It makes you blind of your present blessings as you worry about the yet unseen curse which may never take place at all.

Or is that a backpack of regrets?

Looking back at what you did or did not do. Straining your neck, you reach back to what is no longer to the detriment of what is. You ache as you are festered by the thought of what you could have done or should have avoided but didn’t. Regret. Rearing its ugly head once in a while to remind you of your faults and mistakes. 

Or is that a bagful of resentment?

Deep-seated anger that refuses to be quashed by time. Harbored. Fed. Nurtured. An anger so deep it refuses to die. Images are often replayed. Of what he did or what she failed to do. His words continue to echo. Her actions continue to haunt. Your fist clenches as your heart numbs. Resentment. A parasite that clings so closely as it stubbornly stays alive.

Or is that a lunchbox of guilt?

You’ve tasted its pain. You suffer from its sting. Done ages ago yet it lingers in your mind and heart, leaving a terribly bad taste in the mouth. You’re close to throwing up but it remains within. For it resides not in the stomach but in the heart. Guilt. Worse than the sin that caused it, guilt gobbles you up to despair.

My friend, aren’t you tired of carrying that burdensome and backbreaking load?

Today might be the day to finally lay it down. But where? 

At the foot of the cross. There where another man’s back was broken by the burden of the cross. His name is Jesus. And He whispers to you today:

“Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

Give everything to Him today. He will carry your load for you!

Have a blessed week!

Bobby Quitain


Your Dad, the CEO of the Universe

Scriptural Basis: “God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying, ‘Abba! Father!’…” (Galatians 4:6)

“Dad” (or “Abba”)…it says more than three letters lumped together.

It changes the image of an authoritarian father into a loving One.

It means you are loved not for what you do, but simply for who you are.
It means you can make the most costly mistakes and yet you will still be made right.
It means you can confess your most shameful acts and still be shamelessly accepted.
It means you can fall into the deepest abyss and still be raised to the highest heavens.
It means you can be who you are with all your imperfections and yet still be perfectly loved as you are.


A casual term that connotes deep friendship, personal fondness and unconditional care.

It means that the CEO of the universe places down His attaché case, takes off His suit, dons His basketball jersey and shoots hoops with you.

It means that when it comes to you, He ceases to be just the all-powerful Creator.

He simply becomes…your “Dad”.

Have a blessed weekend ahead! 

Yours in Christ,

Bobby Quitain