Deadends or Doorways

In my speaking ministry, I’ve met people facing seemingly “deadends” in their life. 

A marriage falling apart. A washed out career. Addiction. Guilt that lingers. Grief beyond comprehension.

And yet after I pray over them, there is something common unmistakably happens to them.


From their face. From their eyes. From their hearts.

They push back their shoulders. They breath a sigh of courage. They smile.

And deep within me, I know how prayer made a difference for them at that moment. Hope resurfaced. Faith blossomed once more. And they were once again resolved to fight and win.

That’s what a sincere prayer does. It opens ways. It breaks boundaries. It makes doorways out of deadends.

Today, ask someone to pray for you. And watch your deadend walls come tumbling down. 

And then behold: a doorway now stands before you! Enter and rejoice!

Blessings this week, my friend!


The Perfect Fit

God will complete you…

He is the spoon to your fork;

the bow to your arrow;

the right to your left shoe;

the racket to your ball;

the shield to your sword;

the lyrics to your melody.

Go ahead. Don’t take my word for it. Experiment. Spend your whole life searching for that one thing that will fill the vacuum within your heart. Try success. Or fame. Or relationships. And you will still end up empty.

As St. Augustine said: Our hearts are restless until they rest in thee, O Lord!

For only God can pack the hole. Only God can stuff the opening. Only God can fill the gap.

Today, try to find a quiet place to pray. Open your Bible. Pause. Talk from the heart. Listen. And slowly experience the emptiness being filled. Don’t worry if you shed a tear or two. It’s fine.

God sheds a tear as well. 

For everytime he takes his rightful place in a person’s heart, joy springs for both. Both for the creature as well as the Creator. 

Don’t be surprised. For that’s what happens when a heart finds its perfect fit!

Blessings throughout the week to you, my friend!

Beneath and Beyond

It’s very difficult to save a drowning person if he will keep struggling as you try to bring him out of the water. He needs to surrender calmly to your hold and allow you to bring him to shore.

In a similar way, that’s what we need to do in life.

Are you drowning right now, my friend?

Perhaps it’s beneath those financial obligations…
Or beneath a crushing disappointment one after the other…
Or beneath a burdensome relationship…
Or beneath a ministry that doesn’t seem to fly…
Or beneath an addiction that you can’t seem to shake off…

Today, I encourage you to surrender to Him who can pull you out from beneath the water and carry you beyond the stars. For unless you surrender, you cannot be saved.

The Bible says:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

This week, decide to surrender to God and allow Him to save you.

From beneath the waters, He can definitely take you beyond the stars!

Have a blessed week!

Living for Now

Have you ever wondered why God did not give you the ability to see the future?

Because the future is not your concern. It’s His.

Your concern is to love and to please Him today. This minute. Now.

Our limited vision of life is a blessing. It reminds us to aspire for a wonderful future but to live in a spectacular present.

Live to live. Live to love. 

Live for now!