The Perfect Fit

God will complete you…

He is the spoon to your fork;

the bow to your arrow;

the right to your left shoe;

the racket to your ball;

the shield to your sword;

the lyrics to your melody.

Go ahead. Don’t take my word for it. Experiment. Spend your whole life searching for that one thing that will fill the vacuum within your heart. Try success. Or fame. Or relationships. And you will still end up empty.

As St. Augustine said: Our hearts are restless until they rest in thee, O Lord!

For only God can pack the hole. Only God can stuff the opening. Only God can fill the gap.

Today, try to find a quiet place to pray. Open your Bible. Pause. Talk from the heart. Listen. And slowly experience the emptiness being filled. Don’t worry if you shed a tear or two. It’s fine.

God sheds a tear as well. 

For everytime he takes his rightful place in a person’s heart, joy springs for both. Both for the creature as well as the Creator. 

Don’t be surprised. For that’s what happens when a heart finds its perfect fit!

Blessings throughout the week to you, my friend!


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