Deadends or Doorways

In my speaking ministry, I’ve met people facing seemingly “deadends” in their life. 

A marriage falling apart. A washed out career. Addiction. Guilt that lingers. Grief beyond comprehension.

And yet after I pray over them, there is something common unmistakably happens to them.


From their face. From their eyes. From their hearts.

They push back their shoulders. They breath a sigh of courage. They smile.

And deep within me, I know how prayer made a difference for them at that moment. Hope resurfaced. Faith blossomed once more. And they were once again resolved to fight and win.

That’s what a sincere prayer does. It opens ways. It breaks boundaries. It makes doorways out of deadends.

Today, ask someone to pray for you. And watch your deadend walls come tumbling down. 

And then behold: a doorway now stands before you! Enter and rejoice!

Blessings this week, my friend!


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