Empty words…
Broken promises…
Unfulfilled expectations…

Are you tired of them? Are you tired of being disappointed? Or is your heart too broken to even care anymore?

My friend, try Jesus. Today. Not tomorrow. Not later. But today.

When the wounds are still fresh.
When the pain still lingers.
When the hurt still stings.

He promised restoration to the widow in Naim, and her son was brought back to life.

He promised life to the Samaritan at the well, and life-giving water sprung forth from her heart.

He promised the paralytic that he would be forgiven of his sins, and the latter did leap for joy.

He promised Mary and Martha that they would have their brother back, and they were in awe as they saw the stone rolled away from the tomb as a their dead brother strolled out alive.

He promised His disciples that He would live again after three days, and He surely did!

How about you? Has God made any promise in your life that is still unfulfilled today? Hang on. Hold on. Hope.

In Psalm 105, it says:

“For he remembered his holy promise” (Psalm 105:42)

Today, turn to Jesus. With your pain. With your hurts. With your disappointments.

With your hope.

Don’t doubt. For the God you pray to is faithful.

And He keeps His promises to the end!

Have a blessed weekend!


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