At the beginning of every year, people often look back…some with a cheer and some with a sigh.

If you have been sighing because you feel you have not advanced in life as much as you would have wanted to, then maybe this piece is for you.

I believe that the measure of success varies from one person to another. You cannot look at your life and measure it up against the life of another. No, not in comparison with your sibling, or classmate or friend. Their standard is not same as yours.

By analogy as in basketball, you cannot measure the statistics of a point guard with that of a center. The point guard is called to pass. The center is called to rebound. They have two different measures of success.

Your yardstick of success is based on your calling.

You cannot say that a person called to be a businessman is more successful than a person called to be a homemaker just because the former earns more money than the latter. It just doesn’t make sense.

Rather, your measure of success should be this: Have you made the best out of what God has called you to be?

Know what you are called to do and be the best that you can be in it. Let that be the yardstick of your success!

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