How’s Your Faith Tank?

I have one major weakness: I find it difficult to maintain my car.

One time, I heard a clippity-clop while driving along SLEX only to find out that my oil tank was completely dry. At another time, my car stopped and steamed in the middle of the highway because the water tank has dried up. Sometime ago, I barely made it to a gas station as the gas tank flasher blinked mercilessly for nearly 15 minutes while I was stuck in traffic.

What happens to my car also happens to me.

I often run dry. Not with oil, or water, or gas. But with my faith.

When I miss my prayer times in the morning. When I don’t guard my thoughts. When I don’t read scriptures daily. When I indulge. When I rationalize.

My friend, our faith needs replenishment. Daily. By the hour. By the minute.

Don’t miss that prayer time. Don’t pass up that meditation time. Don’t skip Sunday mass. Don’t take a leave from your spiritual support group.

You need to keep your faith tank filled up.

The Bible says:

“men ought always to pray, and not to faint” (Luke 18:1)

The problem I have with maintaining cars is also our problem with maintaining our faith. We wait until the last minute before we fill up our faith tanks.

We pray hard when troubles are at our doorstep.
We confess only when we already fall into a big sin.
We read the Bible only when we already need to decide on a major decision.

Car engines eventually break down when you don’t maintain them well. When the gas, oil or water tank always gets dried up, you shorten the life span of your car.

Same thing with your faith life. You need to keep your faith life in good condition, otherwise, you cannot withstand the storms of life when they do come.

This week, try to measure the level of your faith tank. Try to make decisions of how you can fill it up.

Don’t wait for life to conk out on you. Fill it up now!