God Reveals Himself if You Know Where to Look!

We often place God in a box. No wonder we don’t see Him.

He spoke to Moses through a burning bush…

…To Jonah through the belly of a whale.
…To Joseph through his dreams.
…To Abraham through angels.
…To Paul through a prison cell.

What will stop Him from speaking through a movie, a sunset, a book, a road sign, a beggar, a train ride, a box of cereal, a quiet evening with your spouse, a radio program, a cry of a child, a walk in the park, through traffic, through deadlines, through long lines, through receding hairlines, through joy, through pain, in good times and in bad?

Decades ago, I underwent a semi-depression, an emotional roller coaster ride which sent me reeling through the rails. The nights were long and the days were short. Laughter came far in between. Tears were the regular menu. Until I stumbled upon a book, “He Still Moves Stones” by renowned author Max Lucado.

God spoke to me through every page, through every word and through every story. I knew God was speaking to me and for me. He knew where I was and He knew where He wanted me to be. I responded and my life was never the same again.

How about you?

Finding it difficult to hear God? Raise up your spiritual antennas and listen.

God can reveal Himself to you through anything. You just need to learn where to look.

And just in case He spoke to you over the last minute or so while reading this piece, then I suggest you pause and pray.

He might still have more things to tell you right now.

I rest my pen.


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