I used to detest taking tests. I didn’t see the rationale for it.

For me then, it was a crude and unwarranted way of measuring a person’s worth. Your score is like a measure that unjustly labels you according to your perceived value. A high score meant you were good. A good score meant you were average. And a poor score meant you deserve less — attention, respect, opportunities — compared to the others.

To me, taking tests in school, didn’t really make any sense.

Not until I began to see life as a test in itself.

Growing up, I realized that the classroom is a microcosm of life.

It is in the classroom where we learn, where we grow, where we are challenged, and where we overcome.

Recently, I personally experienced some testing in life. Not earth-shaking or colossal in nature, mind you. But still tough. Made me pray more. Made me hope more. Made me love more.

And then it dawned on me.

Contrary to my previous notion, tests, as in life, are not meant to measure your worth but rather, they are meant to bring out your worth.

Because you are a child of God, you are valuable as you are. And no life testing can ever change that. But life testing can bring that out. Tests can reveal what is hidden, unearth what is buried, and extract what is concealed.

Tests are tough. They are meant to be. If only to bring out the best in us.

But with my recent testing, something uncommonly bothered me. All I prayed for was for God to speak to me during those troubling times. His voice would’ve been like rain on a parched land, a streak of light behind the gloomy skies, a sparkle of hope beneath the murky waters. But no, in a confusing and distressing time, it felt like God chose to remain silent.

Ever had those days, my friend?

Perhaps when your finances were down, health was threatened and your relationships sailing over turbulent waters; and God seemed absent.

Much like when you are about to step up to the plate in a Little League game, and Dad decided to go to take an important business call.

When you are in the middle of a career-defining performance and your mentor decided to step out of the auditorium.

When you are a rookie pilot and your plane careening its way on the runway and poised for take-off when the senior pilot got up and decided to leave the cockpit.

“Dear God,” we ask. “Where are you now? Say something, please. Magparamdam ka naman ”.

Then I am reminded of a quote I heard recently from a Christian movie which goes:

“The teacher is always silent during the test.”

Makes sense, huh.

When in the middle of your exam, and you look up to your teacher but instead of coming over to help, he clips his mouth and looks at you with an encouraging look as if saying, “You can do this. You have what it takes. Come on. Dig deep. I believe in you!”

So the next time you go through a test and God seemed silent, remember this quote, dear friend.

God is never silent to make you fail.

Rather, God is sometimes silent to make you fly!