The Culture of Tolerance

It could have happened this way…


My younger children wanted to keep playing in the pool. Their older siblings were telling them to get out from the pool, otherwise they will get sick.

The Ate says, “Time’s up. Out of the pool. You will catch a cold if you keep swimming.”

The younger boys respond, “But we don’t want to. And besides, who are you to tell us what to do? Who says we should leave the pool? ”

“Our parents say so.”, the older siblings respond.

“How could something that feels good be bad? Stop telling us what to do.”

“But our parents know what’s best that’s why they don’t want you to get sick. Staying in the pool is bad for you.”

“If they truly love us, they will let us do what we want.”

“But precisely because they love you that’s why they tell you to leave the pool.”

“Hah! Then we decide to get a new set of parents, those who would tolerate what we want!”


This, of course, never happened in our family. This is a fictional story.

But on the other hand, this might not be too fictional after all. You see, that’s a common dialogue we hear in society today, in a society promoting a “culture of tolerance”.

When Christians tell people not to engage in what is sinful, they are branded as “bigots”, as somebody who is intolerant of other’s “preferences”.

“How dare you to tell me what’s right or wrong. Who do you think you are?”, people often accused the highly-principled Christian.

“It’s not me. I am just telling you what your heavenly Father wants you to know.”, the Christian replies.

“But how can something that feels good be so bad?”, people often respond.

“But God knows what’s best for you. That’s why He wants you to avoid those things”, replies the Christian.

“If He truly loves us, He will let us do what we want.”

“But precisely because He truly loves you that’s why He tells you to avoid these things.”

“Hah! Then we would rather choose another god to follow. Follow your god. But don’t impose your god in my life! You intolerant brute!”

The Christian is dismissed as judgmental and self-righteous. The Christian, on the other hand, feels hurt that in his desire to help, he was judged to be a bigot.

Sadly, that’s what society today tells our children. Be tolerant of sin for the sake of love. How crooked that reasoning is.

You see, because of love, we ought to accept all sinners, including ourselves. But precisely also because of love, we cannot bear to tolerate sin in our lives.

Today, principled people are considered intolerant. Liberal people are considered enlightened.

It’s easy to give up and simply go with the flow. But no. Out of love, we must keep on keeping on. During His time, Jesus did.

In this time, so must we.


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