My mom is a relatively shy woman. But give her a microphone and musical accompaniment and voila! She will take the stage by storm and revert to her other self, her other identity, the professional singer who once upon a time, in a not so distant past, had a singing tour around Asia.

That’s what passion does.

When a person is passionate about something, her heart beats a little faster, inhibition and protocol often set aside, the inconceivable done, and the impossible achieved.

No wonder I do what I do today.

My passion is my wife.

My passion are my children.

My passion is public speaking.

My passion is inspirational writing.

Then I came before God in prayer this morning. He reminded me of my definition of “passion” as described above.

Then I shed a tear when it dawned on me so convincingly…

His PASSION has always been ME!


What is true of me is likewise so much true of you, my friend!

“…For he who touches you, touches the apple of His eye…” (Zechariah 2:8)


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